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Just testing.

yeah. it works right?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Custom Wolverine X-Force bust

Last update for the day, this one is about my Wolverine replica bust turned into custom..it took a long time for me to get this one, went through a lot of trouble too..even texted the wrong number once..so after a lot of things i finally got it for P500..i was thisclose to giving up on the bust..anyway, this bust is an Alex Ross Wolverine replica..by hobbymaster, he started as someone who did replicas but now he makes his own kits..anyway, the bust arrives more or less at this condition..it's evident that there are a lot of paint chips on the bust..also not seen in the picture is a chip on the point part of the mask..if i remember correctly it's the right pointy part..it's a small chip but it's still very annoying..even before i got this bust and found out about its imperfections i already knew about what i was going to do..that's why i bought a pack of epoxy clay (didn't want to "bake" so i didn't use sculpey), the smallest paintbrush available (it was a little below the average size) and a new set of acrylic paint..even though i bought a whole set..i only needed the black, white (mix with black to form grey) and the red paint..

*the pre-edited picture came from the seller, he was also selling th Capt. America and the Hulk busts beside it.

Step 1:
I applied epoxy clay on the surrounding part of the eye, since i didn't want any skin showing around the eye, i made the mask sculpt reach up until the eyeballs..i also sculpted the chipped part of the mask..after i got the hang of it, it was very easy..all i had to do was remove the excess clay and let it dry over night. here's what it looked like after..notice that i made two lines at the dome of his head..i was planning to put two lines there after i painted it but i decided to abandon it afterwards since it wasn't really a necessary feature of the mask.

Step 2:
2nd step was simple, i painted over it..painted the black part first then i painted the gray part of the mask and finally painted over the red eyes. The only real difficulty i encountered here is the meeting point of the black and the grey parts of the mask. I had to repaint it quite a lot and just like the ML Wolverine i did, i had a hard time creating a proper gray color. After a few colors, it looked like this.
Step 3:
Notice that the eyes were still very visible, i had to let the red part dry up and repaint it again with red..did this for around three times so that the eyes won't be visible anymore..i also painted the name plaque with the same color i used with the dome part of the mask. At first i planned to write Wolverine in red paint but i couldn't do it properly so i just left it at that..i also started reapplying black paint to the base.
I was already happy with the new paint but then i noticed that the gray part was a bit darker than the normal. I decided that i would apply a lighter shade of gray..i used around 1/3 black and 2/3 white to achieve this kind of paint.

Here's a shot of it with proper lighting..i do think that it was a success..

Filipino fighters. Best ML/XMC Part 2: Tigerstripes 1st edition

1st of all, before i go ahead and review the ML3 Variations of Wolverine..i'd like to congratulate all the Filipino fighters who fought today, especially these two main eventers..

1. Brandon "The Truth" Vera- Hey, i know you lost to Randy "The Natural" Cotour earlier but you put up one hell of a match, i agree with you and Joe the fear factor guy..he might have controlled most of the match but you sure owned him in the damage department. Wish you luck in your next fight, be proud..you held your own against a living legend, and Joe's right..that loss does nothing to your career. Looking forward to your next match.

2. Manny "the Pacman" Pacquiao - Brandon held his own against a living legend in MMA, but you are THE living legend in boxing..you just made history by owning seven championships from seven different divisions. What's next for you? Mayweather Jr.? go for it, right now it seems like no one can stop you in the boxing world. Just one word of advice though, don't go into politics..act, sing, do whatever you want..just don't run..they'll just ruin the good that you did..but still, congratulations.

I know there are a few undercard Filipino boxers that fought today, whatever the result of the match..you did good and represented the country well..i wish all of you luck in your future matches.

Now, let's get on with the review..

I'll still use the same rating style..though with a little difference..i won't include the extras in the total points..i'll just add it up to the total score..it's going to be bonus points, and instead of being 5, it's just going to be three points..so the revised scores are:
1- Variant Rider - 35/40 (87.5%)
2 - DoFP Rider - 33/40 (82.50%)
this is done so that the figures without any accessories could still have a fighting chance to win..both Riders get a 2 point bonus..

it should be a given as to why i'm going to review the three of them at the same time..they came out within a year or two of each other..

1. Sculpt
- Originality of the sculpt
a. Masked - Used the same sculpt as the Evolution of X Wolverine but cleaned out battle damage and added tons of articulation, proving that articulation doesn't ruin sculpt (5 pts.)
b. Unmasked Variant - Used the same sculpt as the Evolution of X Wolverine but cleaned out battle damage and added tons of articulation, proving that articulation doesn't ruin sculpt, also used a decent head sculpt (5 pts.)
c. Boxset - Came out 10 months after the single carded ones, but featured a better unmasked head (4 pts.)
- Grade of sculpt
a. Masked - Decent amount of articulation but since it was the first Wolverine with this number of articulation, it can be considered as a classic (9 pts.)
b. Unmasked Variant - Decent amount of articulation but since it was the first Wolverine with this number of articulation, it can be considered as a classic (9 pts.)
c. Boxset -Decent amount of articulation but since it was the first Wolverine with this number of articulation, it can be considered as a classic..i don't think 10 months was enough to mass produce an entirely new sculpt (9 pts.)
- Sculpt Extras
a. Masked - very detailed sculpt, great paint and even the black stripes are sculpted and not just painted on..very very detailed, possibly the most detailed ML Wolverine (5 pts.)
b. Unmasked Variant - very detailed sculpt, great paint and even the black stripes are sculpted and not just painted on..very very detailed, possibly the most detailed ML Wolverine (5 pts.)
c. Boxset -exactly the same sculpt as the other two, possesses exact same great sculpt (5 pts.)
- Head Sculpt
a. Masked - You can almost imagine that this is what a real man wearing a Wolverine mask would look like, very detailed mask..and even the smallest details like the eyes are great (5 pts.)
b. Unmasked Variant - Good enough head, though it isn't one of the best unmasked heads around (3 pts.)
c. Boxset -not as good as the masked head but definitely a better unmasked head than it's single card counterpart (4 pts.)

Masked - 24/25
Unmasked - 22/25
Boxset - 22/25

2. Scale Accuracy
a. Masked - this is where the figure suffers, it is very big compared to Wolverine..it is very noticable when put next to the other 6" figs..this is actually an inch bigger than the correct scale (7 pts.)
b. Unmasked Variant - this is where the figure suffers, it is very big compared to Wolverine..it is very noticable when put next to the other 6" figs..this is actually an inch bigger than the correct scale (7 pts.)
c. Boxset -this is where the figure suffers, it is very big compared to Wolverine..it is very noticable when put next to the other 6" figs..this is actually an inch bigger than the correct scale (7 pts.)

Masked - 31/35
Unmasked - 29/35
Boxset -29/35

4. The look -
a. Masked - this is where the figure bounces back, this is a mix of realism and comic accurateness..Wolverine is very bulky and hairy..though being to tall still hurts..the great masked head detail helps a lot for this fig (4 pts.)
b. Unmasked Variant - this is where the figure bounces back, this is a mix of realism and comic accurateness..Wolverine is very bulky and hairy..though being to tall still hurts..(3 pts.)
c. Boxset -this is where the figure bounces back, this is a mix of realism and comic accurateness..Wolverine is very bulky and hairy..though being to tall still hurts..(3 pts.)

Maked - 35/40
Unmasked - 32/40
Boxset - 32/40

Masked - Destoyed crates and dead Hand Ninjas everywhere, this is a really good base..there are also a lot different points you can attach Wolverine to (2 bonus points)
Unmasked - Destoyed crates and dead Hand Ninjas everywhere, this is a really good base..there are also a lot different points you can attach Wolverine to (2 bonus points)
Boxset - features a circular X-base just like the other box set X-Men (1 bonus point)

Masked - 37-40
Unmasked - 35/40
Boxset - 33/40

There you go, The Masked Wolverine really towers over the other two Wolverines..the boxset Wolverine has a better unmasked head but the fact that it came 10 months after and the simple base cost him a few extra points..

Updated rank:
1- ML3 Masked
2T - Variant Riders/ML3 Unmasked
4T- Boxset Unmasked/DoFP Riders

Comical thoughts: X-Necrosha, Wolverine Origins 26 27

there's a lot in my to do list right now..3 of which are new updates here..first up, the reviews of my three newest comic books..here they are..1. Wolverine Origins 26- the moment i opened this issue, a good surprise welcomed me..THE ART FINALLY CHANGED!! after 25 issues of very bad artwork (sorry Dillon), Segovia and Milla took over and did a fantastic job (i don't know when the next change took place but i like their artwork better). Anyway, this issue is filled with another "Wolverine was actually an asshole" revelation. Showing how he guarded this experiment/torture chamber and eventually killed everyone there. this issue also includes Daken's back story which shows that due to him being adopted and having mixed heritage, he was not treated well by his peers. It also shows that even as a child, his emotion controlling powers were already evident. I'm just not sure why Wolverine brought his son back to the same place the experiments on the Japanese took place. After almost an entire issue full of flashbacks on the life of both father and son, the issue ends with those Japanese people who were experimented in. Now turned into numbered zombies...overall, this issue was okay..the Daken flashback helps to make readers understand his origin but the Asshole Logan flashback is becoming real redundant..

2. Wolverine Origins 27 - The conclusion to the two part story which is probably made just so we can bridge to the Original Sin story arc. This issue continues to show Daken's story and how he started feeling that way towards Wolverine. This story also shows Romolus' figure, i guess this was the artwork that ruined his look, he has a freaking underbite. The story also shows Wolverine being held captive by the undead numbered zombies. They want to do to Wolverine what was done on them. Wolverine first thinks he should let them do it since it was partly his fault. But by the end of the story, Wolverine realizes he should let them "join their family". He sees Daken doing the same thing he's doing and when all is done, Wolverine realizes Daken remembers nothing..Probably due to the Carbonadium bullet shot to his head. This issue deals with how Wolverine always reacts in Origins, he realizes all the wrong he has done and a part of him wants to get it over with but his fatherly duties to Daken and how he wants to get back at Romolus towers over it. Overall this mini-story could have been compressed to an issue if they didn't go overboard with the flashbacks.

So overall, i really like the fact that they finally changed the art team for this book. I'm not into Dillon's realistic yet cartoony artwork. Never liked the fact that Wolverine looks like he's built like an everyday average man. The story is actually the second most liked for me next to the Deadpool arc, though that is not saying a lot. I have big hopes for Original Sin, why? I haven't heard anything bad about it.

3. X-Necrosha One-Shot: This book is the introduction to the Necrosha Cross-over, since i'm not really reading any other X book other than X-Force, i found the other 2 parts (Legacy and New Mutants) a bit hard to follow. This cross-over seems like it'll be X-continuity heavy so it isn't good for new readers. I myself had a very hard time following everything that was happening, it's probably like opening up a four part book, let's say Twilight..and starting at the 12th chapter of the third book..on to the 3 stories:

X-Force: The X-Force part is really the main part of this crossover..since from the beggining thay had to deal with Eli Bard, it's going to be like them being where the explotion occurs while the rest of the mutants just have to deal with the things that fly out. for an introductory issue, this is pretty action packed..First we see the imprisoned hellfire club meeting their dead members. Then we see Wolverine, Cyclops and another guy talking with Laura over what happened to her arm. Emma Frost seeing the Hellions, freaking out and being saved by Cyclops and Wolverine. Selene taking over the Hellfire Club in New York (i think). It also shows Angel and Warpath finally finding Rahne and the other Wolf (both i and Warpath have a trouble saying his name) Hrimmhrmahhi? but their ride gets struck by something. Suddenly, we see Archangel and Warpath flying while caryying the two of them. I like it how Warpath's power is only implied and not really shown. But then they go and meet Pyro and other dead mutants. This is great since it seems that the undead are going after the ones they have a connection with, and not just going to whoever is nearest. And the artwork is good too, especially since the story is very dark..this is a solid opening to a major story..hopefully, this will be A LOT better than Messiah War in terms of impact.

*this cover is awesome* tribute to the Lost Boys (never seen it)..Heroes by Day, Assassins by Night. Never show Mercy. Never give up. It's fun to be in X-Force.

2 other stories: i'm not going to act like i know everything that's going on on this side of the cross-over. One just shows that one of the dead mutants power (i think Donald Pierce) is to undertand every language including computers and he uses it to get into Necrosha. Another one is that the mother (Destiny i think?) of the blindfolded mutant girl was ressurected by Selene. They connect telepathically and then Warpath comes hurling into the room. Overall, i think that those two stories are also enjoyable if you know what's going on. I can follow the stories a little but not enough to explain it to you. Overall, this is a good read..though not necessary since the writers say that you don't need to get each book to understand the story. But i'll still try to get all of them. Try this one out, you might even like it..i sure did, and i only needed to know a third of what was going on.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Final product.

I'll post details on how i finished it next weekend. I really really want to put this beside this other bust..unfortunately, my uncle has yet to order this one..i wonder when he will..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boxset Wolverine: CHECK! 3 more to go. X-Force-ness, Figure Factory

I just got the Box set Wolverine earlier today, i wasn't able to get a picture of the chipped nose anymore but it was very small. It was just a small dot on the nose, i couldn't wait to get it fixed so i just bought flesh paint and dabbed a little onto the nose..it turned out pretty okay if i say so myself..that means i'll also try it out on my Astonishing Wolverine..hopefully, it'll make the fig look a lot better. I'll probably review the ML3 Masked, Unmasked Tigerstirpe Variant, and the Boxset Wolverine together..expect it sometime this week..

Now i only have three MLs to go before i get to complete the entire line..I'm sure that i'll get a MOC HML PX Ultimate Wolverine since i already know where to buy one and it's actually a good price..as for the HML Red Hulk Series Tigerstripe, i'll probably get a loose one if it goes lower than P500 but if ever it goes higher, i'd rather get a MOC one..and i'm sure i'll only get the FO First Appearance variant as a figure only..probably won't get a MOC one, hopefully i'll find one around P350..

I'm thinking about getting the Figure Factory Wolverines (masked and unmasked), i already talked with a seller who'll give both for me for P550..a little less than the price it went for before..The Masked one is being sold at P250 while the Unmasked one goes for P300..the unmasked one was one of the figures that came from the mystery boxes..the figure factory is like a thing that came in a crate that you put together..like a build it yourself statue..unfortunately, it looks nowhere near the puicture you're seeing right now..i also wanted get the series 1 SHS Wolverine (masked astonishing) together with the two but it'll have to cost me another P150 more..if it was only worth P100 i would've taken it..but since it didn't, i'll probably just pass on it..i'm not really serious about completing the SHS anyway..if i get the two Wolverines, i'll probably get another masked one to customize..i'll try to turn it into an X-Force version again..i'm trying to get the X-Force costume in all shapes and sizes..

And because of that..I also reserved a pack of Marvel Minimates, it's the 2pack with X-Force Wolverine together with a Hydra soldier..story wise, this makes absolutely no sense at all..X-Force has yet to encounter the Hydra...this 2pack goes for P400 but it's okay since i still have time to save up for it anyway..it hasn't arrived yet, but Comic Oddyssey usually gets the minimates and they're the only store that carries it..i'm planning to complete Wolverine in the X-Force costume..i already have the MU, a custom ML, the SHS and i'll probably get this one..and i also might get a few more in the upcoming months..I have no plans of completing this line..yeah they're only around P200 per piece but there are a lot of them and they only use one or two molds..but then, if i can find bargains..why not?

Since the Alex Ross seller wasn't texting, i called him already..and now i might get the bust tomorrow night..the only problem with the busts were the edges according to him..that probably means it already has dull edges or some paint has chipped off..i don't think it will be that much of a problem..i also asked around already and i've decided that i'll use the water stop clay to cover the exposed skin around Wolverine's eyes..i'll use it since it's easier to find, the problem is the guy said it's hard to modify once it hardens but it don't think it'll be a problem since it's not like i'll be doing major modifications..hopefully, i'll succeed with this project.

and yes, my uncle plans to order the bust but he has yet to order it..ugh, can't wait to get the SDCC exclusive Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine bust!

Friday, November 6, 2009

after this batch, i'll stop for a while.

Alright, my last post was concerning me saving up some money..now i've decided that i'll stop adding to my collections after i get the Hammer Files Wave 1 Wolverine and Warpath..it wouldn't be that hard to look for the last 4 MLs i'm lacking..i actually know where to get each one of them already..i really need to save money right now since my girlfriends birthday is getting closer and i still don't know what to get her..it'll be hard to top the three busts.

My last purchases before te big save might be the following..

1. Marvel Universe Strike Team Wolverine (P550) - This looks like crap. I hate to admit it but the face looks like CRAP. This is the exact reason why i didn't get into the XMO line..Wolverine's face looks like that of a pre-teen. I don't know why they couldn't do a better Wolverine face sculpt..it would have been much better if they made him look mad instead of making him smile. it just looks wrong. But i will buy this fig for the sake of completing the MU Wolverines..just like what i did with the HML Ultimate Wolverine..the wrinkly faced Wolverine. If ever this gets released tomorrow then i'll be forced to get this immediately...i asked one of the PTK guy who i already had a good transaction with to buy one for me and i'll just pay him. But i'll only do that if we'll be able to meet somewhere near..i think the guy lives somewhere near UST and that's a far far place from where i stay. I'm actually hoping that it doesn't get released tom.

2. MU Hammer Files X-Force Warpath (P550) - now i actually like the face sculpt of this figure. This one would be so comic accurate but the only problem is the hair length. Other than that this one is awesome..it's a good looking fig actually, and this will be the second member of my X-Force MU. I also recently discovered that MU will now have variants unlike last year when they had "running changes". Warpath and Vision are the only one with variants, Warpath's is his X-Men uniform (Blue and Orange). If ever the new wave will be released at the event tomorrow then i might ask the guy to just ship it to me. He'll probably agree since it is way more convinient to do so. It's unlikely that it will be released tomorrow..afterall, it is a warehouse sale..so i am expecting them to sell old stocks. Whatever happens tomorrow..i'll make sure i get the two MUs.

3. ML Boxset Wolverine (P300) - This is going to be my last ML buy for quite a while if ever..i've actually been in talks with the seller for quite some time already, the only problem with this one is that it has no base already (not a problem since it'll look out of place) and that it has a small paint chip on the nose..but for the price of P300 (usually goes for P500+) i can live with that..i'l just reapply paint to his face. And if i do that, i'll probably reapply paint to my Masked Astonishing Wolverine too..this is going to be a real bargain if ever i'll be able to get this..and hopefully i will. I'm also actually trying to get around P50 off since he can't find the base anymore..but if ever he won't give me the discount i'll still get it. Hopefully the joints of this fig won't be as loose as some of the loose ones i bought..i really hate getting loose joints, it can't stand well and whenever i hold them i just get pissed..i'm going to try to meet with the seller tomorrow morning or sometime this weekend. i'd post the actual pic but it still isn't mine..i'll post the chipped nose when i get it.

4. Wolverine Alex Ross mini-bust replica (P500) - the seller of this bust has got to be one of the most eccentric sellers i've ever tried dealing with. why? well, he asks his friend to post it for him..then he asks me where i saw it. I ask him for the condition then he says look at the picture, there is none..instead of e-mailing me pictures he actually wants to send an mms. He wasn't able to send one so he says he'll send one the next day. We finalize a meet-up for the deal, morning he sends the pics and if i like it..we meet at night. He doesn't text me the whole day. I asked him if he'll stiull send a picture and he told me "later" which never came. "later" was the last thing i got from him. If he doesn't want to sell it then it's his problem, but if it's in good condition and he want to let it go..then i'll get it. I really want to do a repaint on this one. Turn it into X-Force Wolverine.

That's it..after those four i won't try to buy any action figure related thing for the next few weeks until my birthday..though i'll still get comics. That's it..oh, and just for fun..after every blog i'll post a picture of the Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine until i'm able to get one..my uncle still hasn't ordered it i think..this would be one great birthday surprise if ever.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SAVE MONEY..save money..save money.

it's almost official, my uncle's going to order the X-Force Kotobukiya wolverine bust from Amazon..and they'll split the cost with me..which probably means that i'll pay around P2500-3500 when the time comes..it's going to cost me a few bucks but i definitely won't regret getting it..it's limited to 500 and Wolverine's wearing his X-Force uniform..which i don't know how many times i must repeat but it's the best looking uniform for me..i'm real excited to get it too..the only problem really is that i have nowhere to put it..i might just but it inside the box for a while and wait until i finally have my own place or when i'll finally get a glass cabinet..whichever comes first..

in other news, i'm also almost done closing the deal with the owner of the Alex Ross mini-bust replica..i might go ahead and buy it, but first i have to see how it looks..hopefully it's not to banged up..i'll repaint some parts but not the entire thing..that'll probably be my last Wolverine for a while..i might save money first since i'll really pay my aunt and uncle for the bust. I also want to save money since i might just buy the other two Kotobukiyas too..yeah i know that'll probably be worth quite a lot but the good thing about busts is that they don't disappear as fast as action figures..they tend to stay in the stores longer..the Brown Wolverine also didn't cost as much as i expected, if the Tigerstripe Wolverine would be around that price then i might be able to save the money before mid-2010 (that's counting my expenses on my gf, comics, some action figures). I think i'll just finish up collecting all the Wolverines from the ML line and the Wolverines from the MU line. I mean, it's not that hard since i only lack 4 more MLs and MU isn't really producing a lot of Wolverines. In my opinion, the Yellow Tigerstripe looks a little out of place here..he should have been in a similar pose. But i like the uniformity of the base..remember, i saw the Brown Wolverine in person and believe me when i say that the pictures don't do it justice, quite the opposite when it comes to action figures since photos look a lot better at times.

Oh, and this one statue really caught my eye..it's around 12" tall and yet it's only being sold for P4k, not bad. The seller is the same guy i got my Unmasked Astonishing, Stealth, Rulk series variant and Street fight Logan from..which tells me that the statue is well taken care of. He can also sel it together with another statue (the one with the tunnel) for P10k both. The problem is P10k is a hell of a lot of money, P4k i can still probably get. The statue is the art asylum one, i think it's based on the same thing as the ML3 Wolverine. It looks good..and being 12" it means that you're getting a big stat for a price of a bust..if only i had the money then i could have bought this thing right away. but i don't so there's no use in thinking about that..man, my girlfriend might just be the reason why i'm getting into busts and stats..eversince she bought the three busts for my birthday i've been thinking about getting more of them..i mean, they aren't poseable but they're already in a great pose..plus, they don't really deppriciate in value..and they're numbered too, so you have a better chance of knowing that the one you own is authentic. But, it's not a sure thing yet..other than the X-Force Kotobukiya Wolverine, i'm still not sure about getting..maybe this feeling will blow over in a few days..who knows?

Anyway, i've also been thinking about how to get some money again..through legal, moral ,and ethical means ofcourse..other than saving up my allowance (only spend on gf, comics, 4 MLs, and Wolverine and New X-Force MUs) here's what i did:
- I dug up my old Mage Knights and i am now selling them off..
- Same thing with my Pokemon cards..
- There's this guy who'll buy my NBA cards again..last time he bought P500 worth from me, in two weeks he said he'll get P800 worth..hope he gets more money.:D
- THINKING ABOUT selling my ML X-Force figures:
---> XMC Archangel w/ base (P600-P650)
---> Domino w/ one gun (P250)
---> HML Cyclops (P300)

even if i let go of those three, not sure i'll let go of X-23, especially after reading her 2 mini-series..i've really had a deeper liking to her character..

hopefully, i wouldn't have to sell my X-Force figs, oh and if that does happen..i probably won't get the MU Warpath anymore..since there's a big chance i won't be able to complete them in that uniform..afterall, There are rumors that X-Force will end after homecoming..

more on that next time..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best ML/XMC Wolverine? Part 1:Rider series face-off! Variant Vs. DoFP Logan!

Here's the first installment of my ranking for the best ML/XMC Wolverine, right now i've decided to bring it in parts instead of one big drop..i'll also tweak the rating styles a little bit..but if ever i do, i'll make sure to update everything..here's the first one..

but first, updated grading:
1. Sculpt
a. Originality of Sculpt (5 pts.)
- if the sculpt used for the fig is new automatically it gets 10.
- if figure used an old sculpt it will depend on whether or not the sculpt works for the figure or not.
b. Grade of Sculpt (10 pts.)
- poseability, articulation, this is where it comes in.
c. Sculpt extras (5 pts.)
- if there is detail in the sculpt (clothes, belt, pants, etc.)
d. Head sculpt/detail (5 pts.)
- does this mask work? does the face actually resemble a face?
2. scale accuracy (10 pts.)
- the closer the figure is to Wolverine's size, the higher the grade.
3. The look (5 points)
- would this be something you'd probably see in the comics? (for non-comic based outfits)
- is this the same as the one in the comics? if not, does it work?
4. the extras (5 points)
- the accessories (if any), bases/rides, extra good stuff.

*most of the categories would have the same thing written since there's only a small difference between the figs..

Marvel Legends Rider Series - DoFP vs. Variant

1. Sculpt
- Originality of the sculpt
a. DoFP - used the same body as the XMC New X-men Wolverine (3 pts.)
b. Variant - used the same body as the XMC New X-men Wolverine (3 pts.)
- Grade of sculpt
a. DoFP - well articulated. could move well enough to be able to do a lot of wolverine poses. could have had better claws (8 points)
b. Variant - well articulated. could move well enough to be able to do a lot of wolverine poses. could have had better claws (8 points)
- Sculpt Extras
a. DoFP - does a pokie nipple count? i do like the detail on the pants and the belt..simple and yet looks realistic (4 points)
b. Variant - does a pokie nipple count? i do like the detail on the pants and the belt..simple and yet looks realistic (4 points)
- Head Sculpt
a. DoFP - from afar this really looks great but up close the nose seems a bit flattened. Nice detail on the greying hair..and the fact that he has the ever reliable "i'm pissed" look (4 points)
b. Variant - weird smile, yet looks cocky at the same time..not much detail was put into this though, but it still works (3 points)
DoFP - 22/25
Variant - 21/25
2. Scale Accuracy
a. DoFP - i really like this sculpt, this would probably be the best "Logan" sculpt there is, short compared to the others but at the same time still bulky (8 points)
b. Variant - i really like this sculpt, this would probably be the best "Logan" sculpt there is, short compared to the others but at the same time still bulky (8 points)
DoFP - 30/35
Variant - 29/35
3. The Look
a. DoFP - here's where DoFP blew it big time. GREEN pants. that's enough to get a huge deduction..what's worse is that the whole upper body is plain black..Toybiz didn't bother enough to put a collar or anything..plain black other than brown gloves and the head. If you ask where the point comes from..i'll say the belt(1 point)
b. Variant - cowboy hat. jacket. wife beater. Mr. Howlett in his civilian wear..this is exactly how i imagined it..good thing the pants are blue this time..the only real deduction in this fig is how instead of looking like an undershirt, Logan looks like he's as white as snow with a tan line (4 points)
DoFP - 31/40
Variant - 33/40
4. The extras -
a. DoFP - comes with a rusty old bike, i guess when you're being hunted down by Sentinels you don't have time to get a new bike..i actually think the effect was nice, albeit a little too much. (4 points)
b. Variant - Would have lost to the Variant one in terms of accessories since this one has a clean generic bike..but he ties it up with the cowboy hat (4 points)
DoFP - 35/45 (7.78)
Variant - 37/45 (8.22)

2 points makes a lot of difference, huh? the DoFP would have been a lot better had they actually worked on the color of the body..that part right there blew it's chances of winning..Variant Logan on the other hand is what you'd expect what Logan looks like outside his uniform..both are real solid figures.

1- Variant Rider Series
2 - DoFP Rider Series

*next review would probably be on the two Astonishing Wolverines, or maybe the Weapon X and the Strike Team..who knows?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Comics review. reactions.

Here's my first blog after holloween, all saints', and all souls' day..it's going to be about my hauls for those days..first up, my comic hauls for the month..here's my view on each of the issues..oh, and i admit i don't buy every comic i read so i'll only review the ones that i have bought..Dark Wolverine 79 - i liked this book, the only problem with this one is that Daken got his ass handed to him by B-list criminals..i'm not even sure if they are actually B-listers, i have never heard about any of them before..and the guy they beat up is someone who went toe to toe with Wolverine, Deadpool, and the X-Men one time or another..i also like the fact that two of the four who beat him up knows that he isn't Wolverine..this is the first time i have read anyone react to the way he talks, his body type..anything. This would be made believeable if and only if the explanation is that Daken planned/wanted to get beat up. But that seems unlikely since he looked really pissed and he even imagine his pops standing over him. Overall, i guess this was still an okay issue, it still showed Daken as a guy who you'd just love to hate..

X-Force 20 - this is the comic of the month for me! X-23 goes berserk and leaves no agent alive, other than Morales of course..i just hope that she resurfaces after the Necrosha storyline to go and help X-23 becpme more human. I like how X-23 intentionally lets the berserker take over her by mixing the trigger scent with the water syetem. I also like the way they showed Wolverine's concern for X-23, i guess they showed that his mannerism is his claws..some bite nails, he sheaths and unsheats his claws. This one page really shows that he wants to be like a parent to X-23, that he wants her to be as normal as she can. One question that came to mind while reading this issue..how does the healing factor thing work? When a part gets cut off, do you reattach it or do you grow it back? i've seen Deadpool regrow his fingers in Wolverine Origins..but i guess thats just a small part..but what about an arm? x-23 burned her arm and removed the adamantium from her claws so this probably means she can regrow it. Sabretooth got his arm cut off (by the muramasa blade) and he tried to reattach it before Wolverine cut his head off. I might try to do a research on this one, this might have something to do with the strength of the healing factor.

Wolverine Weapon X 6 - This would have been the comic of the month for me if Wolverine didn't get knocked out by sleeping gas. and why in the world did he write a note to himself outside the door? Other than that, a real solid issue..i'm assuming whoever took Wolverine to the mental facility doesn't know about his adamantium skull since that place likes getting the brains of people..this might just be first time Wolverine was confined to a mental hospital, which could have been an obvious story arc for him..he used to know next to nothing about his past and now he has everything, both real and those that were given to him. Read this issue and you'll realize he actually sound crazy. i'm actually excited to read about how he got to the hospital, how he was taken there..this title has really been great throughout.

Wolverine Origins 41 - One of the two problems i have with this issue happens on the first panel..Wolverine says to himself that Romolus kicked his ass. Well, i remember clearly that Wolverine more than helf his own against his Romolus..that he actually won other than him stupidly forgetting about the muramasa blade..the next problem i had with this issue is when Romolus sent two ordinary town cops to apprehend Wolverine..did he really think that they could handle Wolverine? other than that, this issue has been good since it's been one of the better books released on this title..which doesn't really say a lot. I just hate the fact that Origins is supposed to be THE Wolverine book that will change the way we look at him, but it's written badly..one more thing, Wolverine faced off with Banner and Skaar in this issue the only problem is that this also happened in The Incredible Hulk book only in a different way..that just messes with continuity, it would have been better if the two books showed the same fight only on different perspectives..

Wolverine Origins 24-25 - I'll review them as a pair, the Deadpool story arc is something that i really enjoyed..the only down side is the art in the book. I just hate that the cover and the inside of the book look worlds apart..the covers are usually awe inspiring and the inside art leaves a lot to be desired. This book shows Wolverine wanting to do anything it takes to hep his son. Hiring Daken to bring him down, cashing in his favor with Bucky..i guess this shows that Daken still has a lot to learn from Wolverine as he got played in this issue. I guess we'll never know who'll win between Deadpool and Wolverine. Will there be a Round 2? probably not since Deadpool wants to join the X-men now..hopefully, the next story arc would be as good if not better than the Deadpool one. Oh, and issue 25 also contains Deadpool's first appearance..

there..those are my thoughts on the issues i have bought..i'm still thinking of gettine Necrosha and the Dark Reign The list: Wolverine one-shots..the only problem is that if i buy the Necrosha one, that means i should also get the other parts of Necrosha as well..which will probably be very expensive..

my other hauls for the week, i finally have my 25th Anniversary Wolverine..it really would have been better if it was numbered instead of just having the 1 of 25,000 sticker..i'll keep this one MOC..the card might not be in great condition but it still gets the job done. I also traded my MU SW Human Torch for the HML Cyclops..i actually like the Cyclops figure..it looks nice, other than the neon yellow lines instead of gold..and i also have the Logan Rider Variant which is seriously better than the DoFP one, i'll try to make a review of the two next time..as of now, i have no Wolverines to pay for, which is actually relieving..though i would prefer if i'd be able to get a new Wolverine for the week.:D

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Next Project: Alex Ross X-Force Wolverine

This will be another quick post, i'm finally going to get my HML Astonishing Cyclops tomorrow, i'll trade it for the Human Torch from the Secret Wars 2-pack and the guy i'm trading it with will just add P50. That means i'll be able to add to my 6"New X-Force team. Hopefully it won't have loose joints..

i've finally decided on what my next project is going to be..it'll take around a day to finish but i think if i'll be able to do it correctly then it'll be another one of my most prized possessions..it'll also cost me a some cash but it probably won't reach 4 digits..i'm estimating P800.00, which will be a steal if i'm able to do this correctly..what i'll need are the following:
- Replica of Wolverine mini-bust by Alex Ross
- Black, Grey, Red acrylic paint
- epoxy clay or anything similar

There, that's all i need..all of them are easy to find other than the replica bust..you might be wondering why i'm looking for a replica and not the real one..well, it's simple...if ever this doesn't pan out, instead of spending more or less P1500 for the authentic bust i'll just spend maximum of P600 for the replica one. Even if the paint apps aren't as good, the only thing i won't paint is the mouth area. Plus, the replicas were done by Hobbymaster (now a sculptor himself) so paint apps might not be that big of a deal. The only real problem i'll have with this one is the application of the epoxy clay..i'll need to cover the skin that is showing around the eye. Since i want it to look comic accurate..the paint thing will be a breeze..it's just going toi be black and grey with a little red added for the eyes..it won't be hard since i alrady did something like that once..i might still use a white base paint in order to get the paint to look more uniform. if all goes well, i'll be able to do something that will look like the X-Force Wolverine, if you still don't know what that looks like then here it is..see, i don't think it'll be that hard..right now i'm in talks with 2 people who have the replica mini-busts..one of them has replied already, he's willing to give it to me for P500 but the problem is, one of the pointy things on wolverines mask was chipped for some reason..he told me it's an easy fix but i'm not buying it..especially since it's going to be my first resculpting..the other guy is selling it at P600 but i asked him to give it to me for P400, i can meet him asap if he will...so there, while waiting if i'll get the Kotobukiya bust or not, i guess this will take my mind off of it a bit.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wolverine collection updates. Preview of ranking the best ML Wolverine.

This will be a quick one, i just got my 25th anniversary Wolverine and my Logan Riders variant earlier and i have to say that i believe both were a good buy. Though the Logan Variant scared me a bit since the joints weren't arranged properly and i didn't see it because of the jacket..but fortunately i was able to fix it once the jacket was removed. On the other hand, both my girlfriend and me agree that the Silver Wolverine is better kept MOC. With that said, i'm only 4 Wolverines away from completing the line; the Blue Ultimate Wolverine, Open mouth face-off, and the boxset Wolverine. As i have said before, once i complete the ML line i will do a review of it and rank them from best to worst..i haven't decided yet wether or not to iclude the XMC Wolverines in the ranking..anyway, i've decided on how to rank the figs:

1. Sculpt
a. Originality of Sculpt (5 pts.)
- if the sculpt used for the fig is new automatically it gets 10.
- if figure used an old sculpt it will depend on whether or not the sculpt works for the figure or not.
b. Grade of Sculpt (10 pts.)
- poseability, articulation, this is where it comes in.
c. Sculpt extras (5 pts.)
- if there is detail in the sculpt (clothes, belt, pants, etc.)
2. scale accuracy (10 pts.)
- the closer the figure is to Wolverine's size, the higher the grade.
3. the extras (5 points)
- the accessories (if any), bases/rides, extra good stuff.

that's a total of 35 points, i'll grade the figures one by one instead of against each other..if i don't have the certain accessory or base or whatever of the fig, i will indicate. Might even use this for MU.:D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kotobukiya update. Postponed Wolverine.

This will be a short one again, the Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine is slowly starting to become a reality..though it's still far from it..i'm currently looking for a relative or any friend of my parents who is currently in california or new york. So that if there is, i can ask them to recieve the item for me and just bring it here when they go back. Another possibility is to ask fellow PTKers if they are currently there, i do think they'll agree if ever since we all share the same passion there so i guess they'll understand..i mean, i'd do the same thing if i was in their position. And oh yeah, Eric from Fourthwall told me that i might find one in Hong Kong...i have an aunt who lives in Macau so i might be able to ask her.:D man, i really want to have that bust..oh, and i saw the brown version in Maxi Collectors earlier, i might go get it on my birthday if i have the money.:D and last resort, i'm asking the shipping rates..if i find one that's relatively reasonable, i might just go and get it from them..

Oh, and i wasn't able to go to the meet-up yesterday..so i guess my 25th anniversary wolverine and my variant riders logan would have to wait..i wasn't able to go since we had a family lunch that ended at 1:45..i would not be able to go to GH in 30 mins..i need more than an hour, so i just asked the moderator and the seller for a favor..i'll just deposit the money to the seller's bank account and i'm going to get the figs on tuesday from the same place as the one where my X-23 was left..i'll probably get them on tuesday after my class..i'll probably slow down after this one, i won't get the Wolverine doll anymore since the lot was sold already..it's still available together with the other dolls but i don't think a lot of people are interested on the dolls..Oh, and as for the pre-ordered Marvel Selects, i don't know if i'll still get them..we'll see...

Right now, here's my list of to get items in the near future (w/in 5 months):
- SDCC Kotobukiya Wolverine X-Force Bust (will get if i have the chance)
- Kotobukiya Brown Wolverine Bust (will get if i have money)
- Kotobukiya Tigerstripe Wolverine Bust (will get if i have money)
- MS Brown Wolverine Masked (probably not)
- MS Brown Wolverine Unmasked (probably not)
- MU Wolverine Strike Team (sure thing)
- MU X-Force Warpath (sure thing)
- ML Astonishing Cyclops (if P250 below)

Figures i'd get when given a chance:
- ML Red Hulk Series Tigerstripe Wolverine (if P600 below)
- ML Face-off First App. Variant (if P450 below)
- ML Boxset Wolverine (if P450 below)
- ML Ultimate Wolverine (if MOC below P800)
- 13" Unmasked Wolverine Rotocast (if below P700)
- XMC Tigerstripe (if below P500)
- XMC Wolverine Astonishing/Tigerstripe from jet (if below P500)
- XMC Wolverine from mutant racer (if below P500)
- XMC Wolverine X-treme Wild Chopper (if below P700)
- MS Wolverine Days of Future Past (SRP MOC)
- MS Wolverine Origins (SRP MOC)

that's quite a lot, but who knows..i might not be able to get them w/in 5 months..oh, and i've decided that i'll try to get my hands on every figure/bust/statue that comes out that has Wolverine wearing the X-Force uniform..if anyone knows where i can get the ones i listed, do let me know.:D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kotobukiya dreaming. X-Force Fetish. Mutilation.

Ever since my gf bought me those three busts, i have been thinking real bad about buying busts too..which is bad since that seriously costs a LOT. anything in the 4 digits are a lot for me..upwards of P500 is big for me. at first i was thinking that i should just buy the ones that are way below srp, like the three that i got. but then that still costs a lot..it got me thinking that eversince, there has only been ONE bust/statue that has caught my attention and made me say "i HAVE to get that"..and if you have been reading my past blogs you should have an idea already of what it is..Wolverine, in his X-Force uniform..specifically, the Kotobukiya bust that was released during the SDCC this year..i mean, look at that...it's not over the top, and yet it looks awesome, for me being as realistix as possible works here, it doesn't look plain though his pose isn't overwhelming like the astonighing bust. I've been looking for ways to get this bust, i asked someone over at PTK if he can get me one, i aksed someone from the US how much it costs to ship it to me..well, it costs pretty much around P7k, 2 rats used to pre-order it at P4999 only to have the Brown Wolverine instead. Plus, 2Rats still hasn't gained my trust yet, they're seriously known as sellers of overruns..yeah, maybe some of my figures MIGHT have come from them..but i wouldn't want a bust that's an overrun..nope, i wouldn't want that. Anyway, the brown one is almost as good as this one but this one is better for me because of the X-force uniform. If you (yes you, my reader) know how i can get one, please let me know. I'm actually asking my parents if we know anyone who lives in the U.S. so that we can just have this delivered to their place and just bring it here on Christmas or whenever they come back here..this would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for me, yep..though i love the gift my gf gave me, still..this one's perfect..unfortunately, it seems to be out of reach..only 500 of these beauties were released if i'm correct, and that's a small number..

I just realized that i have a fetish for the X-Force costume, i don't know why..i guess it's because it's just so practical for me, being stealthy (Black and Grey) while intimidating at the same time (red) right? I like the uniform so much i already have three figs of it, one of which is my own custom..the MU X-Force Wolverine is the reason why i'm planning to complete the MU Wolverines, the custom ML Wolverine was the first thing i planned to do when i started collecting action figures. And i don't really like the SHS line but i still bought it just because it's wearing the X-Force uniform. I actually like this so much that i wouldn't be mad at Hasbro if they ever decide to release an X-Force Wolverine using the ML6 sculpt (which has already been used on 6 figs! ML6 Brown, AoA Reg, AoA Burnt, Rulk Black, Rulk Tigerstipe, Silver), i still think that sculpt is the best Wolverine sculpt. Oh, and IF EVER Marvel Select decides to do an X-Force Wolverine, i'll surely get it no matter what..oh, and if you noticed, the MU Wolverine is holding two guns..it's because i gave the Muramasa Sword to the Secret Wars Wolverine..and the other one came from...

Remember i bought 11 Termintaor Endoskelitons? well, now there's only 10 of them..i just mutilated one of them, i guess i'm planning to make him the leader but i got tired of painting so i just did whatever i pleased to do with it, and i just gave his gun/grenade launcher/missle launcher thing to Wolverine. It Fits! though his finger isn't on the trigger, the scale is to small to be noticed..That's it for now, i'll be going to Greenhills again tomorrow for a meet-up, I'm finally going to get the 25th Silver Wolverine and the Variant Riders Logan..After that, it just leaves the FA Wolverine open mouth variant, Rulk Tigerstripe and the Blue Ultimate Wolverine as my remaining targets from the Marvel Lgends line and then i'm done..i promise, after getting all ML Wolverines, i will post a blog that is solely devoted to the ML Wolverines, i'm going to rank them from the best to the worst..and right now, 3 HML Wolverines might end up at the bottom of the list. Oh man, i suddenly can't wait to complete the line.:D

tid-bits about new hauls, upcoming meet-ups

I've been a bit busy with watching Greek lately so i haven't really been able to post a new entry lately, okay..so now that i'm home..i can give you guys a quick review of my new wolverines..but before we get to that, i'll finally get my 25th anniversary Wolverine HML! it'll come with the ML Legendary Riders Logan Variant which is good since at least i'll get something else i like instead of Emma Frost. we'll go meet-up on sunday which is also the birthday of my new friend and the moderator of the group buy. Can't wait for it, i won't get the LOC MS DoFP Wolverine anymore though..i know it's kind of rare but i was intent on keeping it MOC so i'll just look for a MOC one some other time. Plus, i don't have anymore money..haha. Okay, so i'm going to share my thoughts on my gf's birthday/christmas gifts for me..unfortunately i won't be able to take them home until december..they'll stay in her condominium for now..1. Bowen 25th anniversary Wolverine First Appearance - 3/5 ehh, it's solid but it looks too plain for me, the claws are real nice but the pose is to plain..would have been better if it had been done in a dynamic pose. But i guess if you put this one beside the others produced by Bowen, it would look real good.kinda like the other two. Unlike others, i appreciate this bust since it's done in Wolverine's first ever costume. Would also have been better if the company produced a CoA.

2. DST Astonishing Wolverine - 4.5/5 my favorite of the three! i like the way he's posing, i love the details and the sculpt! it's a perfect combination of realism and having that comic look, plus points since it's the same scale as the other Astonishing X-Men busts, i also like how the base has the claw marks..it makes it more wolverine and less generic. my only real problem with the base is that it's too small, other reviews said that they tend to fall so i better watch out..i'll probably put the sticky stuff underneath this one.

3. DST Civil War Wolverine - 4/5 best base out of the three, it says civil war..not much but if you see the explotion behind you'll see how awesome it is. Being comic accurate doesn't help for me since i didn't like the too cartoon-y approach of the artist. Other than that, i think it's great..the only problem is that i think i better be careful of the base since it might break if i'm not careful. and just like the other two, this one can be displayed beside the other civil war busts.

Having these stats got me thinking if i could get into them too, at least the mini ones that are around 6" tall, i can shell out P2k-3k every once in a while i guess, but the real bust i want to have is the Kotobukiya Wolverine bust, the X-Force one..that looks so good. I really really want to have that one. They say that it costs around P7k+ here and orders outside the Philippines cost P4k+ without the shipping which might go up to P2k..hopefully, i'll be able to get one someday..as of now, i asked a friend from PTK in Singapore if there's still that bust somewhere there, hopefully there is and i can get it from him.:D if it costs around P6k overall i can live with that..i guess..I'll just focus all my money on that for a while. I promise, if he's able to get me that one, i'll stop buying toys for a while and save up for that.

Other than those three, my only other haul for the week is the 13" X2 Wolverine Rotocast, i guess overall it's good and now i only need the unmasked Wolverine Rotocast (not the ML Icons), my only problem with this fig is that it does not have knee articulation so the knees are forever bent. So i can't pose him standing straight but instead he needs to always be in an action pose like the one in the picture..the fig was very dusty when i got it, and the owner was really lying about him having the other two rotocasts, i mean..the sample pic he showed were MOC that was covered with plastic..this one was loose and not taken care of. To solve the dust problem, i just dipped him in water for a few seconds..and shit, i think i might have forgot to throw the water..and my brother took a bath already..haha. A good problem i have with this figure is that it's actually taller than my display space, so i had to bend him down so he'd be able to fit..he's way bigger than my Masked Wolverine Rotocast. I was able to see an unmasked rotocast last saturday but the problem was it costs around P1200, i don't really want to spend that much money on a loose figure..and that it would set me back big time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SHE BOUGHT THEM, MS Brown Wolverines

yep, she did...3 wolverine busts for P5500..supposed to be abirthday gift but it's still a month and a half away...so i can't take them home yet, can't wait to them next to my other wolverines..also sold some NBA cards today..total reached around P700 but i spent most of it for my girl's food..but at least i was able to sell some. Oh, and i'll pre-order the MS Brown Wolverines..if Fourthwall will be able to get them for me i'll order from them but if not, i'll just go with the Kramer place..they're selling them for P1590 each..i guess i can save up for that if ever..that's all.:D shortest entry i think..oh, i really want to get the rotocast X2 wolverine already..and the Wolverine doll thing is already reserved for me together with a first appearance varinat Hulk...it's one of those things that is good whether or not it works out..it's a wolverine but it's okay if i won't be the one to get it..:D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

last few MLs, latest haul, possible busts

That's my entire Wolverine 6"collection..yup, right there..i started toy collecting around 2 months ago, right now i'm almost done collecting the 6" Wolverines..i only have a handful of figures left to hunt down and since MU isn't releasing Wolverines like there's no tomorrow, i can focus a bit on the remaining few while still living my life normally..i'm also not counting the Wolverines that came from the movie since i don't really like most of them..here's a list of what i still lack..
- 25th anniversary TRU Exclusive Wolverine
- Red Hulk series Tigerstripe
- Legendary Riders Logan Vaiant
- Face-off Open Mouth Variant
- Blob series Ultimate Wolverine variant
so that's just five figures left, I already have reservations for a MOC Silver Wolverine and the Riders variant which i'll be able to get for P1000 if ever, Fourthwall has one Ultimate variant that goes for P800, i saw a loose one in greenhills being sold for P350..didn't buy it because plastic felt real cheap, probably a booty..next guy bought it though..As for the tigerstripe, a MOC one goes for P900, not buying..i'd rather have a loose one..and the face-off open mouth goes for P1000 but still MOC..i'll just wait for a loose one to pop-up too..as for the XMC wolverines, i think i'm lacking just a few too..though i lack more than what i have..
- Wolverine Tigerstripe w/ Slash Attack Action
- Wolverine from Mutant Racer
- Wolverine from X-Jet
- Wolverine X-Treme Wild Chopper
okay, for this line..i saw the tigerstripe w/ Slash Attack Action MOC at around P600 in comic oddesey, The Wolverine Mutant Racer, well..i already have dibs on it if ever the price is right, the one from the jet..i have no idea how i'll get it..as for the one with the Wild Chopper, i'll only get it if it comes with the bike..the figure looks real skinny so i really won't get it alone..after those things, i'm done catching up to the 6"Wolverines..i might get a movie fig now and then but it's not my priority..

okay, i went to Greenhills last saturday and i finally got my X-23, it's good i guess, the legs seem like they're made up of a different material..it does help the stability of the fig if you "pop out" the claws on the foot. I also bought a stand for my Archangel, now he isn't lying down anymore but he's "flying". Now i can display my X-Force together without looking inadequate..if you noticed on the first pic, my Wolverine custom is missing, that's because he's now displayed with the rest of his wetworks teammates. Still looking for a Cyclops, oh..and i'm thinking bout (well, at least considering) to get a custom Deadpool worth P900, haha. But since it's that expensive, probably won't..Oh look, the Wolverine mug holder is even featured in the pic, haha. i also bought a SHS bone claws logan for P50, haha. cheap i know..but i wasn't able to get the HML Cyclops to go with my X-Force or any monster figs for my MU..but that's okay, i'll try to look for one some other time..speaking of MU, i also got the MU Secret Wars 2 Pack, it's basically a COMPLETE repaint of the X-Force Wolverine which kind of bums me out a little..but it's okay i guess..i gave him the Muramasa Sword since it fits in better with his costume compared to the X-Force Wolverine, i really don't know why they included that there..they couldvé just given him an alternate head or something..and as for the Human Torch, it looks real good and it even comes with the fire thing on his hand but i'm selling it off for P350-P400..hope someone buys it..don't want to get stuck with that thing..especially since i have no plans to collect the Fantastic 4..not really into them other than when Jessica Alba was a visible Invisible Girl..Hopefully i can sell that together with a few of my NBA cards so i can buy the Wolverine Movie Rotocast, i also placed second dibs on a Wolverine doll thing, the one that comes from the Spider-Man Origins line..

oh, as for the busts..well, there's 3 of them being sold on ebay for only P5900..and my very wonderful girlfriend offered to buy them and give them to me as birthday/christmas gifts..she knows i like it, anyone else gave me that offer i'd gladly say yes..the problem is..i don't want her to spend that much, i know she can..but still, haha. you know what i'm saying? maybe i can split the cost with her or something.:D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

X-Force: Sex and Violence Preview/collection update

Just saw the image previews of the X-Force: Sex and Violence mini-series, here they are..

I just love the artwork in this one, Del Otto's doing it right? great great art..i envy the guy's talent..anyway, it's just images so i don't know what's happening yet..i'm guessing domino just came back from somewhere looking like that and elixir sees him, elixir walks up to her and asks her what happened and that if she needed any help..i guess she admits that she needs the help though she can't say anything to elixir..while elixir was healing her, wolverine walks up to them and stops elixir, tells him to get out and he confronts dom..we'll see in a couple of weeks if i'm correct since this thing is about to be released soon..hopefully this mini-series lives up to the hype or at least has the same quality as the current X-Force book..just a few questions though:
1. Why are there bullet wounds on Domino's back?
2. Does this take place before or after Necrosha? Since as of now, Elixir is out cold
3. Does X-Force have a secret hide-out thing? cause the mirror there looks like it's out of place in any x-men joint..
4. Will the other members also make an appearance?

my guess is that Dom's outfit is bullet proof and those are just wounds, it happens before, and they do have a hide-out..oh, and that others are going to make cameos..

I'm also going to Greenhills tomorrow, i'm finally going to get my X-23 variant figure and i'm going to meet-up with someone to buy the SW Wolverine/Human Torch 2-pack for P700 ($14) so that's around P199 lower than SRP. But i will try to sell the Human Torch figure for around P350 (figure along) or P400 (with case and comics) he's also going to sell me a SHS X-Force Wolverine for P100 ($2) not bad..so that'll bring it to P800. Initial thoughts about this figure is that it's sculpt is better than the brown wolverine from the XMO line (more on that later) and that it's an almost complete repaint of the X-Force Wolverine other than the hand that was supposed to hold the sword, it was replaced by a closed fist. But still, i think it's good..I think i bought quite a lot of Wolverine related shit for the past week or so..i was also supposed to get the X2 movie Wolverine rotocast unfortunately the seller will be out of town tomorrow, maybe i'll just get it together with the items from the new Wolverine groupbuy (just 4 items left: loose select ult. wolverine and dofp wolverine, XMC HoM wolverine and stealth wolverine) i already have the two XMCs and i plan to get MOC Selects if ever i do buy them..hopefully the deal would by done by next week or the week after that..tomorrow or the next day..i'm also thinking about buying the wolverines from the XMO line too, at least the 3.75"ones..this wasd because i saw an ebay posting of 6 XMO figures for just P2k..and the seller was willing to sell the 4 wolverines for just P1300. i just realized that i shouldn't since they'll probably release similar ones on the MU line someday, so i'll just try to wait for those..and that i shouldn't go spending left and right..i'll stick to the list i made, other than adding the 12" rotocast wolverine..i can't wait to be able to save money again..right now, the expenses i have lined up are the following:
1. Loose HML Astonishing Cyclops - P250**
2. MOC HML Wolverine 25th anniversary TRU exclusive - P600*
3. LOC TML Logan Legendary Riders variant - P400*
4. Loose 13" Wolverine x2 movie rotocast - P500**
5. Loose XMO Astonishing Cyclops - P300***
6. Loose XMO Deadpool - P300***
* - will get if GB works out
** - will probably get 70-30
*** - ehh, not sure..30-70

Thursday, October 15, 2009

got my issues.

Ooh, just came from FourthWall Comics yesterday at around 7pm, and i finally got all my new issues thanks to Eric..he put it aside for me already.:D just read it and i must say i have missed reading comic books..especially since 3 out of the 4 books i'm reading is really good right now..And yes, the one on the upper left is Wolverine Origins 23, i guess the storyline with Deadpool has been the most fun for me in the entire Wolverine Origins series right now..hopefully it'll be better starting at 41. I won't do any long reviews but here is what i think about the 5 books..

Wolverine Origins 23 - the big fight scene against Deadpool had lots of potential, i really just don't like the art inside..the last page also showed a "dead" Wolverine and a "dead" Deadpool standing up..a good artist would have been a huge boost for this book.

Wolverine Weapon X 5- It was great for Wolverine to show that he's a very intelligent man by not going into Blackguard's trap. I also liked his almost effortless way of killing his opponents, by using his brains..not the freaking muramasa blade. Good thing it only seems to be a big deal in the Origins book..Excited about the next story line too..

Wolverine Origins 40 - I think this was actually pretty good other than a few factors. I still didn't like the art even though it's different from the one in issue 20. Didn't like how Romulus looked..he was more majestic than savage in my point of view..Hopefully as we near the end of the series, the book gets better and better.

Dark Wolverine 78 - Daken is a manipulative a**hole. other than that, this book has been good for me..i don't even like the title character..i'm really curious as to how Daken and Norman would do the inevitable and fight..maybe it's coming soon.:D

X-Force 19 - Enjoyed the book other than Laura carrying her hand instead of attaching it..and i stilll don't like Wolfsbane's place in this team while dealing with things very different compared to what the others deal with. Necrosha's coming..

Ooh, next shipment will include X-Force: Sex and Violence..oh yeah..but i also need to buy a new box!!

*instead of getting MOC 25th anniversary Wolverine with Exclusive Emma Frost for P900, i'll just get the MOC Silver Wolverine together with a LOC Logan Variant from ML Rider series for P1000. Good thing it's a gb so that means it might take a little longer. bad thing is someone might get the entire lot.

*i was offered the MOC MU SW 2 pack Wolverine/Human Torch for P700 and a SHS X-Force Wolverine for a P100, i'm definately getting this and will sell the Human Torch figure online..

*saw someone selling a loose X2 Wolverine Rotocast for P500, kinda interested but not important for me..

*I wanna go get Wolverine Essential vol 2 and vol. 5

*need to buy a new box for comics..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

6" X-Force, 3.75" X-Force CATCH UP ON COMICS!!

I guess i'm ALMOST complete with my 6" X-Force, i already have three of them..one is still not with me, two are yet to be released/produced and i already reserved the last. I'm not really counting Vanisher and Wolfsbane since i don't think they'll come out with ML figures of those two (i might be wrong, Toad has one). And i'm also not goinh to include guys like Cannonball, Boom-Boom, and Cable since they are not the X-Force i have come to love. Everythime you read X-Force here, i mean the wetworks team. I already have Wolverine (custom X-Force), X-23 (variant), Domino (2 pack), and Archangel (XMC). The Astonishing Cyclops (yes, i count him as a member since he is the man sending them on their mission) is currently in a new group buy. I reserved it together with a MOC MU X-Force Wolverine (which i won't open), both are for P700 which is a pretty good price. Segwaying a little, i already dropped my dibs on the MOC 25th Anniversary Wolverine for P600 and instead chose the MOC 25th Anniversary Wolverine and Clear Emma Frost for P900. I'll just use Emma as either trade bait or i'll sell her for around P400-450? Going back, the biggest problem i'll have would be Deadpool and Warpath. Deadpool because he'll probably get hoarded since the TML Deadpool is going around P3000-P4000 right now. The Warpath on the other hand was only a prototype and i'm not sure if it'll ever see the light of day. Hopefully, Warpath will be the one packaged with Deadpool in the 2-pack. As for the 3.75" line, i might have a little problem there..see, Deadpool was released in the XMO line, and i'm not sure if he'll be released in the MU line anytime soon. Same thing with Cyclops, the current MU version of Cyke is the older version..i think it's the Jim Lee era one, so i guess i'll have to buy the two XMO figures. Hopefully, they aren't as bad as the Wolverines from that line. So once again i have realized something while writing this blog..i am spending way too much money again. I need to cut back and i guess after the last set of purchases i will..no, not i guess..i seriously will! alright, i will list down the figures that i will buy, and i won't buy anything else other than those ones for now. I'll also write down the price or the budget, if ever i don't have one reserved yet. I also won't include the figures that i don't really need but will be forced to get. I will try to sell/trade the fig though. So you can basically see in the 2nd image the computation. The best case scenario is that i'll be able to get a loose Wolverine from the 2pack and together with the Astonishing Cyclops and the Deadpool, trade it for the MOC Emma Frost Exclusive for and just add P300. If that happens, i'll only have to spend P1900 on this batch. And yes, i do intend to make this my last batch unless the guy who's planning to sell his Wolverines have what i don't have yet and i'll be able to get them for a low price. That's the only way i'll spend on toys again before the new MU wave comes out. And yes, i am pretty late on my comics, all 4 of my issues have already arrived in Fourthwall and i have yet to claim one. i'm planning to go there next week or next next week..when i already have money..i'll probably get those 4 and 2 back issues of Origins, unless the X-Force mini-series has already arrived. I really want to read X-Force and the Weapon X book, the Dark Wolverine..not really, but i can't seem to put the book down once i start reading it. And as for the Origins, i'm just reading it for the sake of reading it. If that's the case..i'll get those instead of backissues. So there, hope i'll be able to stop buying figs for a while..i'm real broke right now..Oh, but if ever..i'll save money first, cause i don't think the group buy will be finalized this week..maybe by the next week. So i'll still have time to save up P700, and the 3.75" aren't really sure yet so who knows? My only commitment right now is the 2 MOC exclusives..i won't spend a lot on the XMO figs..so yeah, the worst case probably won't happen..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Goog, The Bad, The ugly.

Walked out of my team earlier today, just left after the game without shaking hands with the other team too...i think i did have the right to get pissed off..why? we lost by more than 30..the other team was the defending champs for a reason but i don't think the talent disparity was that huge..it was more of team issues..i'm not saying i didn't have a bad game but it would've been better..our team had absolutely zero ball rotation, no defensive rotation, no communication..i chipped in a lousy 5 points, i could have gotten thrice that easily had the team made the right passes..i was open both inside and outside most of the time..i would've been happy with 5 had we won, but man..am i in a team of stat chasers? damn..i mean, other than scoring my game was alright..everyone should know that when 3 guys are defernding you, you pass it out since that means 2 guys are free..and these guys are my friends too, hopefully we bounce back the next game..i'm not there for stats..i'm after Ws..

Good and Bad:
Anyway, i guess CollectIcon was nice..wasn't really able to get anything from there but a regular FO Wolverine, the first appearance one..i bought it from the guy at ebay, he had a stall there and he was finally willing to let it go for P50 less..i'll show the review later. I decided on getting the loose one instead of spending P700 on the MOC one with Sabretooth, didn't really like it that much i guess..so i just bought the loose one..hmm, I saw this stall selling Wolverine #1 and #2 for P1050 each..it was in good condition and i would've bought it if i had the money..also saw a few that caught my eye..the first one i really wanted to buy was an X-Men Evolution Wolverine, problem was..one guy was able to see it first and he bought it! Damn. haha. I was hoping he'd let it go..i also saw the XMC Tigerstripe there, didn't buy it since it was screaming OVERRUN! i mean, there were around 4 of them in one bin being sold for P130 but all had different colored legs or arms or whatever..it went for P130 but still, don't want overruns..i was also able to give my payment for the X-23 variant, i was also able to meet the seller of the Archangel..i also was able to get the Domino..i got all three figs for just P750, pretty nice i guess..i also saw quite a lot of loose ML Black Wolverines for P500-P600, real happy i already have one..i also have the strike team Wolverine and the 3 essentials, real bargain if you ask me..got the Domino from the saem guy, he also brought my Strike Team and my Aoa Regular..i also was able to get the Ninja Strike from the trade..the guy's a cheat..a small part was broken and he didn't mind telling me, very unnoticable but still..some joints also had glue/mighty bond on it..NOT NICE. good thing i was able to get it off, still loved the fig though..but when i left, a friend told me he saw a MOC one for P600..wich was hidden, should really try to dig deeper next time..and oh, the regualr AoA Wolverine i got was LOC..as in only the BAF part was taken out..twisties were still included..so there, i guess i'll give you the rundown of the stuff i got...ooh, and as for X-23, i gave the payment already but i'll get the figure next time i see the guy..
> Wolverine Essentials vol. 1, 3, 4 - real great buy, got the 3 for the price of 1..
> Strike Team Wolverine - sloppy paint, loose right knee joint..but still solid i guess, might do a repaint sometime..
> ML Domino - lacks one gun but bargain at P200, might do repaint to match X-Force uni..
> XMC Archangel - real nice..can't say anything bad about the figure..but might repaint to match X-Force look and i have to buy a stand..i think this is the first series Archangel too, not the lighter version..
> XMC Ninja Strike Wolverine - will probably glue the broken part, removed unnecessary glue through hot water..other than that, everything i hoped for was true..great figure..
> ML FO first appearance Wolverine -had great potential but paint apps and loose joints makes me want to repaint the figure..nice scale though, small but bulky wolverine..
> ML AoA Regular Wolverine - this one is LOC, still in twisties and i haven't taken him out yet...pretty much brand new except no BAF part..i'll loosen him up when i'm bout to display him..
> X-23 variant - paid but not with me..
oh, and i aslo got my price from Bim (http://comicology.i.ph), it's an animation cell from the old Spider-Man animated series..so there, that's my haul from CollectIcon, i guess i'll be slowing down now..but i already reserved the P900 Emma Frost and Wolverine TRU exclusives, i'll just use the Emma Frost as trade bait, i might actually be able to trade it for the MU SW Wolverine and another loose 3.75"figure..guy already said yes if ever his cousin has the MU SW Wolverine..so yeah, i'd do that trade even if on paper i'd be on the losing end, but hey..i only need the Wolverien figure and the gb is slowly looking like it won't work out..

can't wait to display this things when get home, i do need a bigger space though..but i already have a solution..oh, and i finally have enemies for my MU X-Force, 1995 Terminator Endoskelitions..those things are so cheap, i'll try to ge more of them in the future..hopefully no one buys those so i'll be able to get all from our mall..i already bought 11 but lost a gun..haha.
oh, you wanna know how cheap it is? well, one MOC MU would be the equivalent of 18 endoskeletons! not bad! especially since this is all i'll ever do with them, but don't get me wrong..i'll still buy a monster fig..