Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The hit list.

okay, fine..right now i'm going to make a list of every figure i'm going to get in the near future..i can't just keep changing my mind like this, haha. I still haven't changed my mind about the ML Wolverines. I'm still planning to get them and hopefully i get them soon. After the ML Wolverines, i'm going to focus on the diorama. I found a way too spend less while making a possibly bad ass diorama. I won't use soldiers in my diorama anymore..they're just going to make me spend more even if i use the G.I. Joes, that's still going to hurt my pocket..see, Wolverine against three soldiers isn't fair..it should be like 8+, and that might make me spend upwards of P1000. Plus, i'm already anticipating the arrival of Warpath. So that means more soldiers for him too..so no, i'll end up having no money at all if i continue doing that, so now what i'm planning to do now is to use those 6" monster toys like Abomination to fight my 3.75" X-Force in the making. I'll save a lot more money using this one! i might even be able to get it at P250($5) for a MOC! See! i can think straight when needed!:D That saves me a whole hell of a lot of money since it would still look cool even when an entire team is trying to take it down..hell, it looks more like a team that way. So there, that's already 2 figures in my very near future. Warpath and Abomination. Hopefully there's at least one new X-Force member in every other wave of MU figures. I hope they come out with an X-Force Deadpool. Speaking of which, i'm still not sure if i want to some figures from the XMO line. I have no plans of completing it. I don't really like the figures too, i just like the Gambit and the Deadpool but they'd look out of place. And i read somewhere once that when in doubt..don't buy. haha. so there, i cancelled my dibs on the XMO figures and the Hand Ninjas (another one of my bright diorama ideas). So there, i guess doing that saves me 3 weeks worth of savings! haha. And when i go to CollectIcon next next week..all i'm going to focus on are Wolverine figures! haha. Oh, one last problem..I don't know if i'll get the Wolverine Strike Team from the MU line, but i probably will..as a continuation of my collection. But aghh! I am so excited to get the MU Warpath! i know the Ml will probably be way better but me getting the MU one is much more realistic! i cant wait to put these two together! oh yeah, i'm going to free him too! they're going to be the first ones to go up against Abomination! yeah! hahaha. And then Archangel is going to be a part of the Fan's choice wave! haha. I might complete all the Wolverines from the MU line, but i have to see if there is still a two-pack with human torch available..

So, my hitlist as of now:
- ML 25th anniversary Silver Wolverine *pending GB
- ML Black Wolverine
- ML FO First Appearance Wolverine
- XMC Ninja Strike Wolverine *pending trade
- Hulk movie Abomination
- MU Secret wars two pack Wolverine/Human Torch
- MU Warpath
- MU Strike Team Wolverine
- MU Archangel

Monday, September 28, 2009

Growing collection

I think i've finally made up my mind about what to collect when it comes to action figures...and it should come as no surprise that these are the two themes i have chosen: the new/current X-Force (Wolverine, X-23, Warpath, Domino, Archangel, Elixir, Vanisher,and Wolfsbane) but only the figures that will come out in team colors on both ML and MU scales. But i'll probably prioritize the MU since it's cheaper and i told you guys i'm dreaming of a diorama. So no, the Domino from the ML 2-pack probably won't count unless i get it at a bargain price. Ooh, and Deadpool too if ever he comes out with X-Force colors since it's already confirmed that he will join the team. Oh, and maybe i'll start to collect Daken if ever he comes out with an action figure, i think the three of them (Wolverine, Daken, X-23) will look good side by side..i just inquired about the regular X-23 figure, i'm going to get her if she is sold cheap..haha. though i actually like the variant one better..anyway, here's a checklist of my growing action figure collection. I stated in a thread not too long ago that i'm going to focus on the Wolverines from ML and XMC lines first, even though there are still a lot, at least that narrows down the field a bit. first up is the list of 6" Wolverines that i already have..i think it's pretty much a lot since i only started around a month and a half ago. haha. if i remember correctly the first one i bought was the LOC Ultimate Wolverine from ebay (didn't come with BAF part), then i got the Rider Series Wolverine (complete). Astonishing and the Airstrike were bought on the same day together with the New X-Men Wolverine. The Astonishing one was the first figure i bought from PTK, I was real disappointed with it since it had a freaking paint chip on the jaw, i wasn't able to see it in the picture on the net since he was turned sideways. It did come with Psylocke and her BAF part but i'm selling them off. The HoM Wolverine was a real bargain but it did have a defect in one joint but it doesn't affect the figure at all. The New X-Men Wolverine didn't come with the sentinel thing and it's jacket was already falling apart but i still bought it since it looked good for me. It was also sold at a low price. Next one i bought was the Weapon X one, it was still MOC but the clamshell was already yeallowing so i opened it anyway. It also came with the Poster book instead of a comic. I bought it the same day as i bought my first MS, Ultimate Wolverine. I bought it way below it's initial price, i don't know why Ultimate Wolverine goes for so low. Anyway, next up was the ML6 Brown Wolverine, i bought the figure only and now i'm regretting it since the GB thread i'm participating in is selling it for the same price but it also comes with a base. Though this figure did come with a free Super Hero Squad Logan. After that i bought the ML3 Masked Wolverine which as i mentioned in a post before, was in a banged up shell so i decided to free him up. He came with a happy meal Wolverine, i think. The guy who sold it to me was an a freshman at my school. haha. damn, he's giving up his collection while i'm starting..my last ML Wolverine acquisitions were the Tigerstripe Unmasked and Variant AoA, by the way..when i bought this, i thought i was getting the one from the Box-set. There, if you add the custom i made then that makes 11 ML figures all in all. But that's not all. i'm claiming the following on October 3rd..these are 2 different transactions by the way..I'm going to get the Strike Team Wolverine together with the Regular AoA together with 3 Wolverine essentials that are being sold for the brice of one! BARGAIN! volumes 1, 3 and 4..though vol.3 has loose sheets..but the seller said he could fix it..Then in another transaction i'll be getting the unmasked Astonishing (hopefully this time no chips), a stealth Wolverine with complete accessories (this was very hard to look for) and a figure only Street Fight Logan from the X-Men 2 line. It was a bargain so i bought it, and so that everything would be bought faster. So there, add the five and at the end of the week i'll have 16 6" Wolverines. DAMN. those are many, but i'm still going to look for these four before i'm finally satisfied...the first one is the silver Wolverine made espescially for Hasbro's 25th Anniversary. It was supposed to be limited to only 25,000 figures but i doubt that, i think there are more. This is the ONLY Marvel Legends figure that i plan on keeping MOC. I'm thisclose to giving up on the bidding in ebay, i'm just counting on another group buy that will land me this figure. I'm really hoping i'll be able to get it. The owner even said that it's not just in good condition but the card is in "PRISTINE" condition, i don't know what that means but it sounds great. I'm really banking on getting the one from the gb since some sell this figure at P1500, which is a lot for me. As for the second one, i'm getting quite a few offers but they're all MOC. Which makes it a bit expensive, i'm just waiting for someone to offer a loose one..or LOC, i prefer it like that..haha. I'm really not that interested in the Tiger Stripe since i already have two of those and the shoulder pads are in the wrong place. For the Face-off, i'm still thinking whether or not to get a MOC one with Sabretooth or just a loose Wolverine. The loose Wolverine is definately cheaper but it being sold at half the price of the package even without the diorama makes me think twice about getting it. oh, and in this figure..i really don't mind whether i get the variant or the regular..not much difference. There's really no rush for me to get this since i'm seeing quite a lot of these being sold online. Finally, the Ninja Strike Wolverine. I've been looking for this ever since i laid my eyes on a picture of it. Man, what i'd give to get that figure with complete accessories. And the head of this figure is the head of my custom X-force Wolverine. Currently, my only possible source of this figure is a guy on ebay who asked me to trade my vintage Undertaker for this one, but he has yet to finalize the deal. I'm game for it. There you go. I guess this is the first time i've ever listed down this thing. Even though i'm prioritizing the four, i'm still open to buying the variants of the MLs i already have. That means i might still buy the Tiger Stripe from Red Hulk and the Outback Logan variant of the rider series, BUT i will not waste my money on another face-off. I'll just get one and move on. I'm also open to buying the movie figures. I think it'll be easier since i won't try to complete them and they're relatively cheaper than the ML ones. Oh, and i might just try to take back the movie Wolverine i gave my cousin years ago if it's still in good condition. hahaha. After this line, i'll probably move on to the MU line. BUT i will not try to complete it, i'll only get a couple of Wolverines from the XMO line and probably the Wolverines from the MU line itself, the strike team is scheduled to be released. Other than that, the new X-Force members and those figures that are sold below retail price that will actually contribute to the diorama.

*Wolverine figures from other lines:
> Mug holder tigerstripe Wolverine
> 12" Rotocast Masked Wolverine
> SHS Logan
> MU X-Force Wolverine
> Wolverine on a plane (?)by Toybiz/Fastfood toy

> I'm on the planning stages of adding metal claws to my Wolverine, all i need is chrome/metal acrylic paint and something to mount on top of his hands.

pics came from:
**i'll cite starting now so i won't get in trouble.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wolverine Weapon X: Why i like it

Wolverine Weapon X is only on it's fourth issue and i enjoyed reading every one of them and i can't wait for the 5th issue. In my opinion, this is a lot better than Wolverine Origins. Wolverine Origins is about to end already and it's real hard to follow for new fans and probably frustrating to old ones since the book is preety much rewriting the history of Wolverine thanks to the involvement of Romolus. I haven't ready issues 22-36 yet but the only real time i really enjoyed reading it was the story arc with Deadpool, hopefully something good happens during the 15 issues i have yet to read. the Weapon X series is something to recommend to new Wolverine and comic book fans alike. It doesn't really mess with Wolverine's past even though the 1st story arc has something to do with Weapon X. I think this is a good thing since it won't confuse new readers and it doesn't change whatever history was already set up. This book is also very simple to follow, it's not continuity heavy too. For the entire story arc i think the only knowledge you need to know is that Wolverine is a product of a secret government thing called Weapon X and that Maverick was also his teammate and that he has already lost his powers. I also like the way Wolverine is written in this book, from what i know the team that did the Get Mystique arc is also doing this one. I hope they're in it for the long haul. The story is very basic in a way that this has been done before but thanks to the way it is written, it somehow puts a very Wolverine spin on it. I could just imagine if the Punisher was put in this situation he would just walk up to the door and shoot any bad guy he sees. No questions asked. I'm also excited about the second story arc of this book, it puts Wolverine in a mental hospital. I don't know how he got there but i'm sure i'll find out. The artwork in the book is great too. The artwork is the type that you would expect in comics, not the realistically drawn and yet they don't look cartoony at all. I also like how Wolverine is drawn here, ever since the first or second x-men movie came out i think he's being drawn to look a bit taller than 5'3", probably to off set the frakish 6'3" height of Hugh Jackman (other than the height difference, he was a perfect Wolverine). He's not drawn like an animal looking man who's hunched so low and seems like a walking hairball without the uniform (see first picture taken from the "Death of Wolverine" story arc which was made in the Wolverine series). he's drawn like a normal hairy man would, his height looks pretty average in this one and he doesn't look like a raging animal. even when he's mad. The second picture is from the first issue, Wolverine being awakened by muggers in the subway. My only real problem with the series is that it costs P50($1) more than most comics. I think that of the two, this is the better book. Though that might change since we finally saw Romulus for the first time in the last issue of Origins. And no, the uniform was not a factor in me picking up the book. I actually passed up the chance of getting issue #1, i was turned off by the title initially. I thought that it was going to be about hi, dealing with his Weapon X past and stuff like that, but when i read the initial review, i went ahead and picked up a second printing of the first issue in comic oddyesey. I was able to pick up a copy of the variant cover of the number 1 when i finally went to fourthwall, they still had one copy though it was already sold for a dollar more, i still bought it anyway. I think it's that good. I'm recommending this book to new Wolverine fans out there, even to the old ones. If you have yet to pick up an issue and you can't find them anymore, i suggest you just wait a month or two to pick up the tpb (or hardbound, whatever you prefer) and start with the next arc, i think you won't regret it.

Heavy rain and Flood by Ondoy

Okay, i'll take a break from posting about comics and stuff..just here to let people know i'm concerned about those who were affected by the heavy rain and the flood yesterday. I have some friends who slept at school since they couldn't get out. Most of my friends and relatives had to move their stuff upstairs..times like this make us realize that we have to do our part in taking care of our environment or it'll bite as in the back..and it's times like this when we must do our part in helping others as well..if only we can keep those things in mind even when things like this don't happen..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ML X-Force Wolverine

As far as i know, Hasbro has yet to produce an X-Force Wolverine, but they did release a prototype during the SDCC 09. And i've pretty much shared just how much i like the X-Force unis. That's why a few months back i decided to create my own. At first i was planning to use the ML6 Wolverine but those things are worth around P500 for loose and can go up to around P1000 for the MOC ones, so i decided that i'll just use those overrun toys. When i found out my sister was in robinson's ermita, i asked her to go to the stall near the LRT station to look for Wolverine toys. She told me there were three, one was an overrun Wolverine ML Rider Series that comes with the bike for P500, another one is probably a movie version and the last one was Wolverine with a cape and gold claws..I actually thought that the gold claws meant that instead of 3 silver claws, it was gold and that when she said that it had a cape on..Sentry was the first thing on my mind..haha. it ended up being Black Panther's body. It went for P199 and i seriously think it's way too expensive..i mean, it's an overrun..it should go for as low as P100 (i think it's like that in Divi). So when i got it, i asked my uncle to lend me some acrylic paint cause i know he had some, one problem though..no FLESH paint. how will i make the arms?! so anyway, that's a problem i shouldn't think of yet..what i first did was color the entire body (except the head) with white, i acted all professional and put some base paint on it..haha. it ended up looking like a winter Wolverine for some reason, it was as if he was wearing a white suit for an arctic expedition..looked real camoflauge-y when i put him on a white paper to dry up. After a few hours (should have been longer, paint was still a little sticky) i couldn't wait so i just picked him up and cut off his golden claws. Wolverine doesn't have claws..not since he went all feral anyway. So after doing that, again i acted all professional and stuff..i decided to put grey paint nect, but since my uncle also didn't have grey paint i mixed up the black and white one..i think it ended up looking alright. Wolverine now looks like a road on Christmas. With snow coverine the cement. This is where it got a bit hard..see, i didn't break up the body, i just painted on it as a whole, so i keep on messing up the paint while applying some on the other side, let's just say this was real hard but i ended up salvaging it anyway. I know it wouldv'e been better if i took it apart, but ever since i was a kid i was never really good with putting things back together, though i was good at breaking a whole lot of stuff. So there, i applied the paint grey paint throughout his entire torso and down until his feet, though i know the boot was supposed to be all black anyway. I just did it so for some reason. The belt area was also becoming a big problem since i can't paint underneath it and i won't be able to get it out unless i cut it in two and i didn't want to do that since i know it would be bad. So there, after drying it up again i guess it would be time to apply the black paint. it was very time consuming since by that time my grey paint also dried up, that means that i had to create another grey paint since my black paint would be misapplied and shit. and since i had a new grey paint that meant i had to reapply it to the whole body so that it wouldn't look like they had patches of grey paint..i did it more or less around 10 times before i was satisfied with the look of the paint application..after that, i guess i was pretty much finished since i didn't have flesh paint..i left it alone for almost 2 weeks..it was pretty much done except for the fact that it had white arms..as i told you guys in the past posts, i don't have a lot of extra cash, so i wasn't able to buy flesh acrylic paint..so one time, i was real bored..i checked the figure, i found out that most of the paint chips everytime i move the joints, it was a problem since i had no intentions in making a statue. Unforunately, during this time i had no camera with me so i wasn't able to take pictures..just use your imagintaions. haha. so i decided to rip the arms of, the legs too. But when i took the leg off..the crotch area was split into two, which was a good thing since i could remove it and i could now remove the belt properly..so there, i was able to paint most of the joints properly now, and i screwed around with the colors white, red, yellow, and brown and to my surprise..i ended up with as color that was similar to his face! so there, i painted it up but the problem was, i knew that i had to paint the entire arm instead of just one side since by the time one side dries up, the paint i created would dry up too..and i told you that i just messed around, so i did
n't know the proportions and anything like that. it was now or never so i just painted the entire are and used the hand articulation so it could grab a hold of something and i left it hanging..i left it there for sometime and when i returned, i realized i applied too much paint! it was toot hick so it wouldn't dry up..what i did was to remove some of the paint and i let it dry again. When it dried up, i rammed the arms back to the upper body but in doing so..i ruined the not so dry paint..and i didn't have flesh anymore..damn. Solution? This is the X-Force stupid..they kill an d they get bloody. BLOODY. USE BLOOD. so i put some red paint and scattered it too make Wolverine bloody..and since the paint was chipping, it had the effect that some of them were wounds..haha. NICE!! And since it would be stupid for him to have blood on his arms and nowhere else, i applied it on his body and on his face too..the result? I think this is pretty good, the shot is bad though..i had to use my fone's camera..as of now, this isn't finished yet..i'm still thinking of whether or not i should put some metal claws on him..i already know the procedure but i don't know if i should since i might ruin
the hands or something..safest
thing to do is if i find a pair of wolverine hands somewhere and i could just replace this one, either way..i think i did okay for a first customization. Pretty good.:D afterall, he doesn't always have his claws out. and yeah, it's our of scale for most MLs since i used a black panther body but so is the HoM Wolverine from the XMC line, they're about the same height..same thing with the ML3 Tiger Stripe (the one with a slanted torso)..i love this X-Force Wolverine, it might not look good for others but hey..it's my first masterpiece..maybe i'll do this more often..but i'll still get the X-Force Wolverine if ever Hasbro decides to make an ML one, i already have the Marvel Universe one. Oh by the way, i already placed a bid on the 25th Anniversary Wolverine, and Clear Emma Frost lot so wish me luck. haha.

*update: someone outbid me, i don't know if i'll bid on it again..i have one reserved on a gb in PTK though, i might just get that..it's cheaper since i'm only getting th Wolverine..


okay, i've started collecting acton figures around 2 months ago and let me just tell you..it burns a hole in your pocket! seriously, it's a good thing that i'm not a completist cause if i was, i'd probably have sold a kidney by now..the bad thing is i collect wolverines and there's a whole hell of a lot of them! so right now i'm focusing on the 6 inch wolverines..that means the Marvel Legends and the XMC lines are the ones I'm collecting right now. I think it gives the most bang for my buck since i get the figures at around P150-P800 each, the cheapest i was able to buy was a loose Wolverine whose leather jacket was pretty much chapping already, got that one for P150. It's the one from the XMC line, the Wolverine with Sentinel Attack Action, it didn't come with the sentinel though. By far the most expensive i bought was the ML series 3 Wolverine, it was still MOC but the card was pretty much banged up..it was okay since i prefer to free my figures anyway. I got that one for P800, it did come with a freebie though..something that might have been a part of a happy meal a long time ago. haha. But by far my pride and joy would have to be my custom X-force Wolverine. Yeah, i painted it myself! haha. It has the head of the Ninja Strike Wolverine and Black Panther's body. I got it that way since it was just a Factory Overrun, the kind of toys that are sold on the streets. I asked my sister to buy me one, still haven't paid her and i keep insisting that it was a treat. I haven't found the time to put claws on him yet, don't have the time and the equipment to do so..that's why as of now, he just finished kicking ass and his claws are inside again. It is a bit out of scale though..but i don't really care..i told you i love wolverine and i love the new X-Force uniform..by the way, the belt is supposed to be Riptide's, it came with the figure too. I might post the process of how i made it here sometime. Anyway, as of right now i'll be getting the regular AOA Wolverine, Strike Team Wolverine, Unmasked Astonishing Wolverine, Stealth Wolverine, and a movie version Wolverine next weekend. I also have a pending trade going on, my Undertaker (from way back when i was a kid) for the Ninja Strike Wolverine which i think is really awesome. After that, i guess i'm just going after the Black Wolverine (wrongly dubbed X-Force), The Face-off with Sabretooth and the 25th Anniversary Wolverine (the all silver one). I already have my eyes on 2 possible sources of the 25th anniversary Wolverine, i'll get whatever is cheaper but the card condition would also factor in since it's the only 6 incher that i'm going to keep closed. The 25th Anniversary Wolverine is supposed to be limited to 25,000 worldwide but i think there's a whole lot more than just that. As for the Black Wolverine, i keep seeing them on sale MOC for P800-P1200. I'll just have to wait for someone to sell a loose version. I saw one for P650 in Greenhills but i didn't have money and it was a bit too high for me. for the face-off, it's not that hard to find, i saw the Wolverine loose going for P350 while the MOC ones for P700-P800..not bad for two figures..but i do think this line has the STUPIDEST variant. it would have been better if the variant was a different costume or maybe 1st appearance Wolverine going against Hulk instead of an open mouth version! At least the Strike Team Wolverine only included the open mouth as another head..not as an entirely different set! If i get either the variant or the regular, i won't bother with the other one. But i do have to admit the the open mouth is better for fight poses. Another line i want to collect is the Marvel Select line..but if i do that, i might just as well kill myself..those things are sold for more or less P1200! They're 7 inches of pure expensiveness..there have already been 5 (Ultimate, Origins, Days of future past, Movie, Tiger Stripe, First Appearance variant) versions released and there are two more on the way (Brown, Unmasked brown variant). And the last two are Bigbadtoystore exclusives which means they'll probably be worth around P2000 if it reaches our shores. I only have the Ultimate version, can't find the D.O.F.P. and the Origins anywhere, the Movie version is still in different comic shops and so is the two yellows. Other than the Wolverines, i want to get the Emma Frost and the Sabretooth of the Select line! That's a lot of money! So maybe i'll just get the Wolverines, huh? instead of adding more than 2k to get two other characters i'm not really into? We'll see..damn, to get or not to get? haha. Plus, i don't know about this line since i don't really have any plans of opening them..i'll keep them MOC. So i don't know, i'r real 50-50 about this line. And my last problem? I want to create a diorama! and i'm thinking of using the 3.75" line to do it. But see, those little things are worth P550! I only have one as of right now and it's the MU Wolverine, i'm kind of disappointed in it though. It would've been great if it wen for 350 a piece like the G.I. Joes. But when i check online, some guys are letting it go for 350-500 for some characters...one guy's even selling it 6 for 2k for loose ones (which is again fine by me since i open them up anyway) i already told him i'm interested in Deadpool, Gambit, 2 Hand ninjas, and two wolverines..that will be a problem since i don't want to buy just about anything..don't have the money to do that..plus i told myself that the only other none Wolverine characters i'll get are the new X-Force (Warpath, Domino, X-23, etc.) both in the ML and MU. And honestly, wouldn't it look cooler if they were beating up some baddies? So there, i have no idea what to do..I'm pretty much set when it comes to the 6" line, but i have no idea about the 3.75", and the 7"..and see, i know my limits..i'm not talking about those Icons that go up to P1600 a piece..haha. So guys, just wish me luck..oh, and if you read this and you're not from Philippines..US$1 is roughly around P50..Oh, and i just want to say thank you to PTK since i get most my figures from other members, most of them are real nice people!:D

and another addition to my possible next post:
- An idea for Marvel about the Ultimate Universe..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

X-Force 13, the issue that started it again.

X-Force #13, this issue was the issue that started it all for me again..before buying this issue, i often just went to comic odyssey in Robinson's Place-Ermita or any other comic book place looking for any series that has just started (meaning they still had issue #1) and every time i did they either had none or i wasn't really interested in the character. So one time i had money to spare i decided to go by, then i saw this great looking cover..the artwork on the cover was great, but i know that sometimes that doesnt really reflect the artwork inside..in the cover, i had no idea who the girl holding the gun was (leper queen), had no idea what this version of X-Force was about..all i saw was Wolverine (can't miss the weird hair) and those awesome black and grey uniforms. When i saw this issue and saw that it was already chapter 2 of the prelude to war, i went and got chapter 1 too..which was issue #12..when i got home, i immediately opened it and went ahead and read it..i had a bit of a hard time understanding it at first since i really didn't know what was happening at the time and i had no news about what was going on in the marvel universe (last comic i read was Ultimate X-Men 40, which takes place in an alternate universe) all i really knew were the basic stuff..anway, i was in awe at how dark and bloody X-Force was, mutant suicide bombers were being used, this "leper queen"doing things against her will..killing humans instead of mutants,..x-force pretty much cutting Vanisher alive(if i remember correctly) and then i see Archangel in this one too..which i think is way better than Angel but i didn't know that Angel was Archangel again..Domino looks real good in this one too, i didn't really find her as an attractive female character but this book changed it for me..I also get to see a more mature X-23 since i thought she was drawn like a 13 year old up to now, and let's face it..Wolverine as the team leader is just too sweet for me to pass up. Some of what was happening in the issue was hard for me to comprehend..a sample is Hellion, i didn't know who he was..but then i see Boom-Boom being kidnapped and injected with the legacy virus! Now i know boom-boom only from the old X-Men Evolution cartoons and i know that the legacy virus is like AIDS for the mutants..and X-force was out to save her, they almost did too but then Cyclops pushes "the button", sends X-force into the future and leaves Boom-Boom with the Leper Queen, damn..i hated Cyke for that decision, i mean..i didn't like him that much when he was this goody-good guy but now i get to see him as this hardcore leader guy. But still! He left Boom-Boom to die! I knew that it was time travel and they could probably save her afterwards..but c'mon..it was my second comic in a long time and two deaths already? isn't that harsh? haha. anyway, the last page made me want to fast forward a month! I was hooked once again! i even asked my sister to get me all the remaining back issues available..she was able to get me #1 (2nd printing), #2, and a couple more issues..it was expensive (for me, i'm only a student) but really worth it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1st blog: why i like Dark Wolverine and how i started comics again.

okay, so this is going to be my first blog..here it goes..

At first, i admit that i wasn't into the idea that Daken was going to get his own book. I just got back to reading comic books last summer so i had a lot of catching up to do, i kept seeing those Wolverine Origins hardbound books with Daken and i could've only guessed what his story was (during those times i had absolutely no money to buy comics, haha.) My only prior knowledge about him was what i read about him in the Wolverine: World of the Living Weapon/big red book. I started collecting again when i bought X-Force #13 (it looked real nice) and i followed it up with also collecting Wolverine:`Weapon X #1 (it was wolverine and it was a new book) Finally i got interested in reading Wolerine Origins even though it didn't get nice reviews..it was already up to #38 at that time so i thought that i might just collect the tpbs back but sir eric from fourthwall comics (near cash carry, along filmore, go there if you have time..he's a real nice guy and you might find something there) told me that he still might have every back issue starting from #10..so there, i decided i'll go collect that one too (i'll tell you the story on how i got #1-#11 sometime soon) finally i saw the ads that were saying that starting #75, wolverine will now be Daken's book and named Dark Wolverine, at first i didn't really want to do it. I dind't really like Daken and it'll just add P150 on my monthly expenses..so i told myself that i'll just go read it somewhere for free and not buy it (bad, i know). After reading the preview in one of those comic book sites, the last page really kept me hanging after seeing the Daken Bullseye/Hawkeye "fight" that's why i really wanted to read it. Then i went on to read the comic book for free on some site but after finishing the book, i was real impressed but i told myself that i'll just go buy it if there's still a copy because it was technically a #1 but i wouldn't collect the series. I texted Eric and sure enough, he told me one copy was left..i thought that maybe it was meant to be so i reserved it already..haha. The following month, when i found out that #76 arrived, i went to fourthwall the moment i had the time and got it, same thing with #77. I am hooked! haha. right now i think #78 is already in fourth wall but i don't have the time and the money so i still won't be able to get it. Good thing Eric always leaves a copy for me.

Anyway, the reason why i really like this book isn't because of Daken, i think it's because of the writing and the story. there's a lot of deception going on right now between him, norman, the dark avengers, and the fantastic four. Call me stupid but i really don't know who's backstabbing who. I also can't wait when the inevitable happens and Norman finds out (if he doesn't know yet) the plan of Daken. Thanks to the book's writers, i'm also starting to like the guy, he' s so calculating and sophisticated in this book. Unlike his father, Wolverine, he doesn't go berserk. i also like the idea of how he seems to not be above anything just to get ahead and get what he wants. He has the makings of a good supervillain in my opinion. Though i would also like it if he becomes a good guy. For anyone who likes comics, i think this is a real good read, i don't think it's for everyone though..this book looks like it's continuity heavy and you might have to read other comics for some of the upcoming story arcs..but try it out and maybe you'll like it..

There, done..haha. Here are my possible next blogs:
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thanks for reading, stay tuned if you like.:D