Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1st blog: why i like Dark Wolverine and how i started comics again.

okay, so this is going to be my first it goes..

At first, i admit that i wasn't into the idea that Daken was going to get his own book. I just got back to reading comic books last summer so i had a lot of catching up to do, i kept seeing those Wolverine Origins hardbound books with Daken and i could've only guessed what his story was (during those times i had absolutely no money to buy comics, haha.) My only prior knowledge about him was what i read about him in the Wolverine: World of the Living Weapon/big red book. I started collecting again when i bought X-Force #13 (it looked real nice) and i followed it up with also collecting Wolverine:`Weapon X #1 (it was wolverine and it was a new book) Finally i got interested in reading Wolerine Origins even though it didn't get nice was already up to #38 at that time so i thought that i might just collect the tpbs back but sir eric from fourthwall comics (near cash carry, along filmore, go there if you have time..he's a real nice guy and you might find something there) told me that he still might have every back issue starting from there, i decided i'll go collect that one too (i'll tell you the story on how i got #1-#11 sometime soon) finally i saw the ads that were saying that starting #75, wolverine will now be Daken's book and named Dark Wolverine, at first i didn't really want to do it. I dind't really like Daken and it'll just add P150 on my monthly i told myself that i'll just go read it somewhere for free and not buy it (bad, i know). After reading the preview in one of those comic book sites, the last page really kept me hanging after seeing the Daken Bullseye/Hawkeye "fight" that's why i really wanted to read it. Then i went on to read the comic book for free on some site but after finishing the book, i was real impressed but i told myself that i'll just go buy it if there's still a copy because it was technically a #1 but i wouldn't collect the series. I texted Eric and sure enough, he told me one copy was left..i thought that maybe it was meant to be so i reserved it already..haha. The following month, when i found out that #76 arrived, i went to fourthwall the moment i had the time and got it, same thing with #77. I am hooked! haha. right now i think #78 is already in fourth wall but i don't have the time and the money so i still won't be able to get it. Good thing Eric always leaves a copy for me.

Anyway, the reason why i really like this book isn't because of Daken, i think it's because of the writing and the story. there's a lot of deception going on right now between him, norman, the dark avengers, and the fantastic four. Call me stupid but i really don't know who's backstabbing who. I also can't wait when the inevitable happens and Norman finds out (if he doesn't know yet) the plan of Daken. Thanks to the book's writers, i'm also starting to like the guy, he' s so calculating and sophisticated in this book. Unlike his father, Wolverine, he doesn't go berserk. i also like the idea of how he seems to not be above anything just to get ahead and get what he wants. He has the makings of a good supervillain in my opinion. Though i would also like it if he becomes a good guy. For anyone who likes comics, i think this is a real good read, i don't think it's for everyone though..this book looks like it's continuity heavy and you might have to read other comics for some of the upcoming story arcs..but try it out and maybe you'll like it..

There, done..haha. Here are my possible next blogs:
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thanks for reading, stay tuned if you like.:D

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