Thursday, September 24, 2009

X-Force 13, the issue that started it again.

X-Force #13, this issue was the issue that started it all for me again..before buying this issue, i often just went to comic odyssey in Robinson's Place-Ermita or any other comic book place looking for any series that has just started (meaning they still had issue #1) and every time i did they either had none or i wasn't really interested in the character. So one time i had money to spare i decided to go by, then i saw this great looking cover..the artwork on the cover was great, but i know that sometimes that doesnt really reflect the artwork the cover, i had no idea who the girl holding the gun was (leper queen), had no idea what this version of X-Force was about..all i saw was Wolverine (can't miss the weird hair) and those awesome black and grey uniforms. When i saw this issue and saw that it was already chapter 2 of the prelude to war, i went and got chapter 1 too..which was issue #12..when i got home, i immediately opened it and went ahead and read it..i had a bit of a hard time understanding it at first since i really didn't know what was happening at the time and i had no news about what was going on in the marvel universe (last comic i read was Ultimate X-Men 40, which takes place in an alternate universe) all i really knew were the basic stuff..anway, i was in awe at how dark and bloody X-Force was, mutant suicide bombers were being used, this "leper queen"doing things against her will..killing humans instead of mutants,..x-force pretty much cutting Vanisher alive(if i remember correctly) and then i see Archangel in this one too..which i think is way better than Angel but i didn't know that Angel was Archangel again..Domino looks real good in this one too, i didn't really find her as an attractive female character but this book changed it for me..I also get to see a more mature X-23 since i thought she was drawn like a 13 year old up to now, and let's face it..Wolverine as the team leader is just too sweet for me to pass up. Some of what was happening in the issue was hard for me to comprehend..a sample is Hellion, i didn't know who he was..but then i see Boom-Boom being kidnapped and injected with the legacy virus! Now i know boom-boom only from the old X-Men Evolution cartoons and i know that the legacy virus is like AIDS for the mutants..and X-force was out to save her, they almost did too but then Cyclops pushes "the button", sends X-force into the future and leaves Boom-Boom with the Leper Queen, damn..i hated Cyke for that decision, i mean..i didn't like him that much when he was this goody-good guy but now i get to see him as this hardcore leader guy. But still! He left Boom-Boom to die! I knew that it was time travel and they could probably save her afterwards..but c' was my second comic in a long time and two deaths already? isn't that harsh? haha. anyway, the last page made me want to fast forward a month! I was hooked once again! i even asked my sister to get me all the remaining back issues available..she was able to get me #1 (2nd printing), #2, and a couple more was expensive (for me, i'm only a student) but really worth it!

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