Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wolverine Weapon X: Why i like it

Wolverine Weapon X is only on it's fourth issue and i enjoyed reading every one of them and i can't wait for the 5th issue. In my opinion, this is a lot better than Wolverine Origins. Wolverine Origins is about to end already and it's real hard to follow for new fans and probably frustrating to old ones since the book is preety much rewriting the history of Wolverine thanks to the involvement of Romolus. I haven't ready issues 22-36 yet but the only real time i really enjoyed reading it was the story arc with Deadpool, hopefully something good happens during the 15 issues i have yet to read. the Weapon X series is something to recommend to new Wolverine and comic book fans alike. It doesn't really mess with Wolverine's past even though the 1st story arc has something to do with Weapon X. I think this is a good thing since it won't confuse new readers and it doesn't change whatever history was already set up. This book is also very simple to follow, it's not continuity heavy too. For the entire story arc i think the only knowledge you need to know is that Wolverine is a product of a secret government thing called Weapon X and that Maverick was also his teammate and that he has already lost his powers. I also like the way Wolverine is written in this book, from what i know the team that did the Get Mystique arc is also doing this one. I hope they're in it for the long haul. The story is very basic in a way that this has been done before but thanks to the way it is written, it somehow puts a very Wolverine spin on it. I could just imagine if the Punisher was put in this situation he would just walk up to the door and shoot any bad guy he sees. No questions asked. I'm also excited about the second story arc of this book, it puts Wolverine in a mental hospital. I don't know how he got there but i'm sure i'll find out. The artwork in the book is great too. The artwork is the type that you would expect in comics, not the realistically drawn and yet they don't look cartoony at all. I also like how Wolverine is drawn here, ever since the first or second x-men movie came out i think he's being drawn to look a bit taller than 5'3", probably to off set the frakish 6'3" height of Hugh Jackman (other than the height difference, he was a perfect Wolverine). He's not drawn like an animal looking man who's hunched so low and seems like a walking hairball without the uniform (see first picture taken from the "Death of Wolverine" story arc which was made in the Wolverine series). he's drawn like a normal hairy man would, his height looks pretty average in this one and he doesn't look like a raging animal. even when he's mad. The second picture is from the first issue, Wolverine being awakened by muggers in the subway. My only real problem with the series is that it costs P50($1) more than most comics. I think that of the two, this is the better book. Though that might change since we finally saw Romulus for the first time in the last issue of Origins. And no, the uniform was not a factor in me picking up the book. I actually passed up the chance of getting issue #1, i was turned off by the title initially. I thought that it was going to be about hi, dealing with his Weapon X past and stuff like that, but when i read the initial review, i went ahead and picked up a second printing of the first issue in comic oddyesey. I was able to pick up a copy of the variant cover of the number 1 when i finally went to fourthwall, they still had one copy though it was already sold for a dollar more, i still bought it anyway. I think it's that good. I'm recommending this book to new Wolverine fans out there, even to the old ones. If you have yet to pick up an issue and you can't find them anymore, i suggest you just wait a month or two to pick up the tpb (or hardbound, whatever you prefer) and start with the next arc, i think you won't regret it.

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