Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The hit list.

okay, fine..right now i'm going to make a list of every figure i'm going to get in the near future..i can't just keep changing my mind like this, haha. I still haven't changed my mind about the ML Wolverines. I'm still planning to get them and hopefully i get them soon. After the ML Wolverines, i'm going to focus on the diorama. I found a way too spend less while making a possibly bad ass diorama. I won't use soldiers in my diorama anymore..they're just going to make me spend more even if i use the G.I. Joes, that's still going to hurt my pocket..see, Wolverine against three soldiers isn't fair..it should be like 8+, and that might make me spend upwards of P1000. Plus, i'm already anticipating the arrival of Warpath. So that means more soldiers for him too..so no, i'll end up having no money at all if i continue doing that, so now what i'm planning to do now is to use those 6" monster toys like Abomination to fight my 3.75" X-Force in the making. I'll save a lot more money using this one! i might even be able to get it at P250($5) for a MOC! See! i can think straight when needed!:D That saves me a whole hell of a lot of money since it would still look cool even when an entire team is trying to take it down..hell, it looks more like a team that way. So there, that's already 2 figures in my very near future. Warpath and Abomination. Hopefully there's at least one new X-Force member in every other wave of MU figures. I hope they come out with an X-Force Deadpool. Speaking of which, i'm still not sure if i want to some figures from the XMO line. I have no plans of completing it. I don't really like the figures too, i just like the Gambit and the Deadpool but they'd look out of place. And i read somewhere once that when in doubt..don't buy. haha. so there, i cancelled my dibs on the XMO figures and the Hand Ninjas (another one of my bright diorama ideas). So there, i guess doing that saves me 3 weeks worth of savings! haha. And when i go to CollectIcon next next week..all i'm going to focus on are Wolverine figures! haha. Oh, one last problem..I don't know if i'll get the Wolverine Strike Team from the MU line, but i probably will..as a continuation of my collection. But aghh! I am so excited to get the MU Warpath! i know the Ml will probably be way better but me getting the MU one is much more realistic! i cant wait to put these two together! oh yeah, i'm going to free him too! they're going to be the first ones to go up against Abomination! yeah! hahaha. And then Archangel is going to be a part of the Fan's choice wave! haha. I might complete all the Wolverines from the MU line, but i have to see if there is still a two-pack with human torch available..

So, my hitlist as of now:
- ML 25th anniversary Silver Wolverine *pending GB
- ML Black Wolverine
- ML FO First Appearance Wolverine
- XMC Ninja Strike Wolverine *pending trade
- Hulk movie Abomination
- MU Secret wars two pack Wolverine/Human Torch
- MU Warpath
- MU Strike Team Wolverine
- MU Archangel

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