Thursday, October 1, 2009

good news. bad news. awaiting CollectIcon

Hello again guys, i tried changing the look of my page but it didn't quite work out..anyway, i'm here again with an update on my toy collecting life and some thoughts on Deadpool..i'll open it up with a good news, i just read Deadpool #15 and i have to say i'm really feeling the start of "want you to want me" wherein he decides to join the x-men. And that means he'll be going probably guessed it, X-Force. I really hope he gets team unis. we already had a preview of this one in the Messiah War and i think it worked pretty damn good. I'll also get my Wolverine Essentials and my 6" Wolverine Strike Team and AoA regular Wolverine tomorrow. The guy i'm supposed to meet can't do it on saturday since his relative died (my condolences goes out to his family..) so he'll also give me money since he's asking me to get the stuff he bought from the group buy. Bad news, guy who's selling the Abomination won't go lower than P300, it might not be much but i set my heart to P250 so letting go of the extra P50 is hard. haha. What makes it worse is that i saw a loose Abomination somewhere being sold for P180 which i'm pretty sure i could've had for P150, yeah it's probably an overrun..but still. P300? And oh yeah, i posted the wrong picture last time..he's actually selling the Gamma Charge Abomination, not the one with the pipe. i asked the guy from (go and check the site, it's good) which figures go well with the 3.75"line and he said the Abomination, Iron Monger, and 5 inch Hulks. So when i went to check the Iron Mongers, the cheapest one i could find was also worth P300 but he's from Cebu. He does free shipping BUT he only has one feedback, which is suspect. P300 is a lot for me and i don't know if i can risk it. When it comes to Hulk, i don't want to use the grey or green one cause that's a good guy. And those Planet Hulks go mostly for P500+. I did see a custom 6" inch Red Hulk though, it was also worth P300 but in my mind it was worth it, it looked good. Though it did look weird cause his nails were painted grey. The problem? it was already reserved! Ugh, all i can do is place second dibs on it..i mean, just look at the picture! i wanted to do something like that! haha. What also makes it worse is that i kept on seing that post before but i didn't really show interest cause i didn't plan on doing this one before. I really really hope i can get the custom Red Hulk., i can just paint over the nails anyway. Another thing i'm really hoping for is that the size of MU Warpath would be right. I really wouldn't want him being the same height as Wolverine. I mean, they list him at 7'2" tall. I see Wolverine as 5'9" standing straight up (they should just change the 5'3" thing). That's a big difference. Maybe make him as tall as the MU Hulks (are they tall? hope they are) I don't know why i'm so excited to get a monster though, i wouldn't be able to get Warpath soon anyway, he isn't even released yet. Maybe it's so that my 3.75" Wolverine won't be lonely, being stuck with mostly 6" Wolverines. But anyway, I promised my girlfriend (yes, i have one..i'm a good looking guy, haha) that i'll just wait for the CollectIcon if i don't get the monster fig for the price i want before i go and buy anymore figs..there just might be a bargain there somewhere. Hope there is. If things go according to plan then that'll be my first toy fair thing ever. haha.

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