Sunday, October 18, 2009

last few MLs, latest haul, possible busts

That's my entire Wolverine 6"collection..yup, right there..i started toy collecting around 2 months ago, right now i'm almost done collecting the 6" Wolverines..i only have a handful of figures left to hunt down and since MU isn't releasing Wolverines like there's no tomorrow, i can focus a bit on the remaining few while still living my life normally..i'm also not counting the Wolverines that came from the movie since i don't really like most of's a list of what i still lack..
- 25th anniversary TRU Exclusive Wolverine
- Red Hulk series Tigerstripe
- Legendary Riders Logan Vaiant
- Face-off Open Mouth Variant
- Blob series Ultimate Wolverine variant
so that's just five figures left, I already have reservations for a MOC Silver Wolverine and the Riders variant which i'll be able to get for P1000 if ever, Fourthwall has one Ultimate variant that goes for P800, i saw a loose one in greenhills being sold for P350..didn't buy it because plastic felt real cheap, probably a guy bought it though..As for the tigerstripe, a MOC one goes for P900, not buying..i'd rather have a loose one..and the face-off open mouth goes for P1000 but still MOC..i'll just wait for a loose one to pop-up for the XMC wolverines, i think i'm lacking just a few too..though i lack more than what i have..
- Wolverine Tigerstripe w/ Slash Attack Action
- Wolverine from Mutant Racer
- Wolverine from X-Jet
- Wolverine X-Treme Wild Chopper
okay, for this line..i saw the tigerstripe w/ Slash Attack Action MOC at around P600 in comic oddesey, The Wolverine Mutant Racer, well..i already have dibs on it if ever the price is right, the one from the jet..i have no idea how i'll get for the one with the Wild Chopper, i'll only get it if it comes with the bike..the figure looks real skinny so i really won't get it alone..after those things, i'm done catching up to the 6"Wolverines..i might get a movie fig now and then but it's not my priority..

okay, i went to Greenhills last saturday and i finally got my X-23, it's good i guess, the legs seem like they're made up of a different does help the stability of the fig if you "pop out" the claws on the foot. I also bought a stand for my Archangel, now he isn't lying down anymore but he's "flying". Now i can display my X-Force together without looking inadequate..if you noticed on the first pic, my Wolverine custom is missing, that's because he's now displayed with the rest of his wetworks teammates. Still looking for a Cyclops, oh..and i'm thinking bout (well, at least considering) to get a custom Deadpool worth P900, haha. But since it's that expensive, probably won't..Oh look, the Wolverine mug holder is even featured in the pic, haha. i also bought a SHS bone claws logan for P50, haha. cheap i know..but i wasn't able to get the HML Cyclops to go with my X-Force or any monster figs for my MU..but that's okay, i'll try to look for one some other time..speaking of MU, i also got the MU Secret Wars 2 Pack, it's basically a COMPLETE repaint of the X-Force Wolverine which kind of bums me out a little..but it's okay i guess..i gave him the Muramasa Sword since it fits in better with his costume compared to the X-Force Wolverine, i really don't know why they included that there..they couldvé just given him an alternate head or something..and as for the Human Torch, it looks real good and it even comes with the fire thing on his hand but i'm selling it off for P350-P400..hope someone buys it..don't want to get stuck with that thing..especially since i have no plans to collect the Fantastic 4..not really into them other than when Jessica Alba was a visible Invisible Girl..Hopefully i can sell that together with a few of my NBA cards so i can buy the Wolverine Movie Rotocast, i also placed second dibs on a Wolverine doll thing, the one that comes from the Spider-Man Origins line..

oh, as for the busts..well, there's 3 of them being sold on ebay for only P5900..and my very wonderful girlfriend offered to buy them and give them to me as birthday/christmas gifts..she knows i like it, anyone else gave me that offer i'd gladly say yes..the problem is..i don't want her to spend that much, i know she can..but still, haha. you know what i'm saying? maybe i can split the cost with her or something.:D

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  1. raiverine here! goodluck on ur hunting bub!!!