Thursday, October 15, 2009

got my issues.

Ooh, just came from FourthWall Comics yesterday at around 7pm, and i finally got all my new issues thanks to Eric..he put it aside for me already.:D just read it and i must say i have missed reading comic books..especially since 3 out of the 4 books i'm reading is really good right now..And yes, the one on the upper left is Wolverine Origins 23, i guess the storyline with Deadpool has been the most fun for me in the entire Wolverine Origins series right now..hopefully it'll be better starting at 41. I won't do any long reviews but here is what i think about the 5 books..

Wolverine Origins 23 - the big fight scene against Deadpool had lots of potential, i really just don't like the art inside..the last page also showed a "dead" Wolverine and a "dead" Deadpool standing up..a good artist would have been a huge boost for this book.

Wolverine Weapon X 5- It was great for Wolverine to show that he's a very intelligent man by not going into Blackguard's trap. I also liked his almost effortless way of killing his opponents, by using his brains..not the freaking muramasa blade. Good thing it only seems to be a big deal in the Origins book..Excited about the next story line too..

Wolverine Origins 40 - I think this was actually pretty good other than a few factors. I still didn't like the art even though it's different from the one in issue 20. Didn't like how Romulus looked..he was more majestic than savage in my point of view..Hopefully as we near the end of the series, the book gets better and better.

Dark Wolverine 78 - Daken is a manipulative a**hole. other than that, this book has been good for me..i don't even like the title character..i'm really curious as to how Daken and Norman would do the inevitable and fight..maybe it's coming soon.:D

X-Force 19 - Enjoyed the book other than Laura carrying her hand instead of attaching it..and i stilll don't like Wolfsbane's place in this team while dealing with things very different compared to what the others deal with. Necrosha's coming..

Ooh, next shipment will include X-Force: Sex and Violence..oh yeah..but i also need to buy a new box!!

*instead of getting MOC 25th anniversary Wolverine with Exclusive Emma Frost for P900, i'll just get the MOC Silver Wolverine together with a LOC Logan Variant from ML Rider series for P1000. Good thing it's a gb so that means it might take a little longer. bad thing is someone might get the entire lot.

*i was offered the MOC MU SW 2 pack Wolverine/Human Torch for P700 and a SHS X-Force Wolverine for a P100, i'm definately getting this and will sell the Human Torch figure online..

*saw someone selling a loose X2 Wolverine Rotocast for P500, kinda interested but not important for me..

*I wanna go get Wolverine Essential vol 2 and vol. 5

*need to buy a new box for comics..

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