Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Goog, The Bad, The ugly.

Walked out of my team earlier today, just left after the game without shaking hands with the other team too...i think i did have the right to get pissed off..why? we lost by more than 30..the other team was the defending champs for a reason but i don't think the talent disparity was that was more of team issues..i'm not saying i didn't have a bad game but it would've been better..our team had absolutely zero ball rotation, no defensive rotation, no communication..i chipped in a lousy 5 points, i could have gotten thrice that easily had the team made the right passes..i was open both inside and outside most of the time..i would've been happy with 5 had we won, but i in a team of stat chasers? damn..i mean, other than scoring my game was alright..everyone should know that when 3 guys are defernding you, you pass it out since that means 2 guys are free..and these guys are my friends too, hopefully we bounce back the next game..i'm not there for stats..i'm after Ws..

Good and Bad:
Anyway, i guess CollectIcon was nice..wasn't really able to get anything from there but a regular FO Wolverine, the first appearance one..i bought it from the guy at ebay, he had a stall there and he was finally willing to let it go for P50 less..i'll show the review later. I decided on getting the loose one instead of spending P700 on the MOC one with Sabretooth, didn't really like it that much i i just bought the loose one..hmm, I saw this stall selling Wolverine #1 and #2 for P1050 was in good condition and i would've bought it if i had the money..also saw a few that caught my eye..the first one i really wanted to buy was an X-Men Evolution Wolverine, problem guy was able to see it first and he bought it! Damn. haha. I was hoping he'd let it go..i also saw the XMC Tigerstripe there, didn't buy it since it was screaming OVERRUN! i mean, there were around 4 of them in one bin being sold for P130 but all had different colored legs or arms or went for P130 but still, don't want overruns..i was also able to give my payment for the X-23 variant, i was also able to meet the seller of the Archangel..i also was able to get the Domino..i got all three figs for just P750, pretty nice i guess..i also saw quite a lot of loose ML Black Wolverines for P500-P600, real happy i already have one..i also have the strike team Wolverine and the 3 essentials, real bargain if you ask the Domino from the saem guy, he also brought my Strike Team and my Aoa Regular..i also was able to get the Ninja Strike from the trade..the guy's a cheat..a small part was broken and he didn't mind telling me, very unnoticable but still..some joints also had glue/mighty bond on it..NOT NICE. good thing i was able to get it off, still loved the fig though..but when i left, a friend told me he saw a MOC one for P600..wich was hidden, should really try to dig deeper next time..and oh, the regualr AoA Wolverine i got was in only the BAF part was taken out..twisties were still there, i guess i'll give you the rundown of the stuff i got...ooh, and as for X-23, i gave the payment already but i'll get the figure next time i see the guy..
> Wolverine Essentials vol. 1, 3, 4 - real great buy, got the 3 for the price of 1..
> Strike Team Wolverine - sloppy paint, loose right knee joint..but still solid i guess, might do a repaint sometime..
> ML Domino - lacks one gun but bargain at P200, might do repaint to match X-Force uni..
> XMC Archangel - real nice..can't say anything bad about the figure..but might repaint to match X-Force look and i have to buy a stand..i think this is the first series Archangel too, not the lighter version..
> XMC Ninja Strike Wolverine - will probably glue the broken part, removed unnecessary glue through hot water..other than that, everything i hoped for was true..great figure..
> ML FO first appearance Wolverine -had great potential but paint apps and loose joints makes me want to repaint the figure..nice scale though, small but bulky wolverine..
> ML AoA Regular Wolverine - this one is LOC, still in twisties and i haven't taken him out yet...pretty much brand new except no BAF part..i'll loosen him up when i'm bout to display him..
> X-23 variant - paid but not with me..
oh, and i aslo got my price from Bim (, it's an animation cell from the old Spider-Man animated there, that's my haul from CollectIcon, i guess i'll be slowing down now..but i already reserved the P900 Emma Frost and Wolverine TRU exclusives, i'll just use the Emma Frost as trade bait, i might actually be able to trade it for the MU SW Wolverine and another loose 3.75"figure..guy already said yes if ever his cousin has the MU SW yeah, i'd do that trade even if on paper i'd be on the losing end, but hey..i only need the Wolverien figure and the gb is slowly looking like it won't work out..

can't wait to display this things when get home, i do need a bigger space though..but i already have a solution..oh, and i finally have enemies for my MU X-Force, 1995 Terminator Endoskelitions..those things are so cheap, i'll try to ge more of them in the future..hopefully no one buys those so i'll be able to get all from our mall..i already bought 11 but lost a gun..haha.
oh, you wanna know how cheap it is? well, one MOC MU would be the equivalent of 18 endoskeletons! not bad! especially since this is all i'll ever do with them, but don't get me wrong..i'll still buy a monster fig..

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