Thursday, October 29, 2009

Next Project: Alex Ross X-Force Wolverine

This will be another quick post, i'm finally going to get my HML Astonishing Cyclops tomorrow, i'll trade it for the Human Torch from the Secret Wars 2-pack and the guy i'm trading it with will just add P50. That means i'll be able to add to my 6"New X-Force team. Hopefully it won't have loose joints..

i've finally decided on what my next project is going to'll take around a day to finish but i think if i'll be able to do it correctly then it'll be another one of my most prized'll also cost me a some cash but it probably won't reach 4 digits..i'm estimating P800.00, which will be a steal if i'm able to do this correctly..what i'll need are the following:
- Replica of Wolverine mini-bust by Alex Ross
- Black, Grey, Red acrylic paint
- epoxy clay or anything similar

There, that's all i need..all of them are easy to find other than the replica might be wondering why i'm looking for a replica and not the real one..well, it's simple...if ever this doesn't pan out, instead of spending more or less P1500 for the authentic bust i'll just spend maximum of P600 for the replica one. Even if the paint apps aren't as good, the only thing i won't paint is the mouth area. Plus, the replicas were done by Hobbymaster (now a sculptor himself) so paint apps might not be that big of a deal. The only real problem i'll have with this one is the application of the epoxy clay..i'll need to cover the skin that is showing around the eye. Since i want it to look comic accurate..the paint thing will be a's just going toi be black and grey with a little red added for the won't be hard since i alrady did something like that once..i might still use a white base paint in order to get the paint to look more uniform. if all goes well, i'll be able to do something that will look like the X-Force Wolverine, if you still don't know what that looks like then here it is..see, i don't think it'll be that hard..right now i'm in talks with 2 people who have the replica of them has replied already, he's willing to give it to me for P500 but the problem is, one of the pointy things on wolverines mask was chipped for some reason..he told me it's an easy fix but i'm not buying it..especially since it's going to be my first resculpting..the other guy is selling it at P600 but i asked him to give it to me for P400, i can meet him asap if he there, while waiting if i'll get the Kotobukiya bust or not, i guess this will take my mind off of it a bit.

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