Monday, November 2, 2009

Comics review. reactions.

Here's my first blog after holloween, all saints', and all souls''s going to be about my hauls for those days..first up, my comic hauls for the's my view on each of the issues..oh, and i admit i don't buy every comic i read so i'll only review the ones that i have bought..Dark Wolverine 79 - i liked this book, the only problem with this one is that Daken got his ass handed to him by B-list criminals..i'm not even sure if they are actually B-listers, i have never heard about any of them before..and the guy they beat up is someone who went toe to toe with Wolverine, Deadpool, and the X-Men one time or another..i also like the fact that two of the four who beat him up knows that he isn't Wolverine..this is the first time i have read anyone react to the way he talks, his body type..anything. This would be made believeable if and only if the explanation is that Daken planned/wanted to get beat up. But that seems unlikely since he looked really pissed and he even imagine his pops standing over him. Overall, i guess this was still an okay issue, it still showed Daken as a guy who you'd just love to hate..

X-Force 20 - this is the comic of the month for me! X-23 goes berserk and leaves no agent alive, other than Morales of course..i just hope that she resurfaces after the Necrosha storyline to go and help X-23 becpme more human. I like how X-23 intentionally lets the berserker take over her by mixing the trigger scent with the water syetem. I also like the way they showed Wolverine's concern for X-23, i guess they showed that his mannerism is his claws..some bite nails, he sheaths and unsheats his claws. This one page really shows that he wants to be like a parent to X-23, that he wants her to be as normal as she can. One question that came to mind while reading this does the healing factor thing work? When a part gets cut off, do you reattach it or do you grow it back? i've seen Deadpool regrow his fingers in Wolverine Origins..but i guess thats just a small part..but what about an arm? x-23 burned her arm and removed the adamantium from her claws so this probably means she can regrow it. Sabretooth got his arm cut off (by the muramasa blade) and he tried to reattach it before Wolverine cut his head off. I might try to do a research on this one, this might have something to do with the strength of the healing factor.

Wolverine Weapon X 6 - This would have been the comic of the month for me if Wolverine didn't get knocked out by sleeping gas. and why in the world did he write a note to himself outside the door? Other than that, a real solid issue..i'm assuming whoever took Wolverine to the mental facility doesn't know about his adamantium skull since that place likes getting the brains of people..this might just be first time Wolverine was confined to a mental hospital, which could have been an obvious story arc for him..he used to know next to nothing about his past and now he has everything, both real and those that were given to him. Read this issue and you'll realize he actually sound crazy. i'm actually excited to read about how he got to the hospital, how he was taken there..this title has really been great throughout.

Wolverine Origins 41 - One of the two problems i have with this issue happens on the first panel..Wolverine says to himself that Romolus kicked his ass. Well, i remember clearly that Wolverine more than helf his own against his Romolus..that he actually won other than him stupidly forgetting about the muramasa blade..the next problem i had with this issue is when Romolus sent two ordinary town cops to apprehend Wolverine..did he really think that they could handle Wolverine? other than that, this issue has been good since it's been one of the better books released on this title..which doesn't really say a lot. I just hate the fact that Origins is supposed to be THE Wolverine book that will change the way we look at him, but it's written more thing, Wolverine faced off with Banner and Skaar in this issue the only problem is that this also happened in The Incredible Hulk book only in a different way..that just messes with continuity, it would have been better if the two books showed the same fight only on different perspectives..

Wolverine Origins 24-25 - I'll review them as a pair, the Deadpool story arc is something that i really enjoyed..the only down side is the art in the book. I just hate that the cover and the inside of the book look worlds apart..the covers are usually awe inspiring and the inside art leaves a lot to be desired. This book shows Wolverine wanting to do anything it takes to hep his son. Hiring Daken to bring him down, cashing in his favor with Bucky..i guess this shows that Daken still has a lot to learn from Wolverine as he got played in this issue. I guess we'll never know who'll win between Deadpool and Wolverine. Will there be a Round 2? probably not since Deadpool wants to join the X-men now..hopefully, the next story arc would be as good if not better than the Deadpool one. Oh, and issue 25 also contains Deadpool's first appearance..

there..those are my thoughts on the issues i have bought..i'm still thinking of gettine Necrosha and the Dark Reign The list: Wolverine one-shots..the only problem is that if i buy the Necrosha one, that means i should also get the other parts of Necrosha as well..which will probably be very expensive..

my other hauls for the week, i finally have my 25th Anniversary really would have been better if it was numbered instead of just having the 1 of 25,000 sticker..i'll keep this one MOC..the card might not be in great condition but it still gets the job done. I also traded my MU SW Human Torch for the HML Cyclops..i actually like the Cyclops looks nice, other than the neon yellow lines instead of gold..and i also have the Logan Rider Variant which is seriously better than the DoFP one, i'll try to make a review of the two next of now, i have no Wolverines to pay for, which is actually relieving..though i would prefer if i'd be able to get a new Wolverine for the week.:D

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