Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boxset Wolverine: CHECK! 3 more to go. X-Force-ness, Figure Factory

I just got the Box set Wolverine earlier today, i wasn't able to get a picture of the chipped nose anymore but it was very small. It was just a small dot on the nose, i couldn't wait to get it fixed so i just bought flesh paint and dabbed a little onto the turned out pretty okay if i say so myself..that means i'll also try it out on my Astonishing Wolverine..hopefully, it'll make the fig look a lot better. I'll probably review the ML3 Masked, Unmasked Tigerstirpe Variant, and the Boxset Wolverine together..expect it sometime this week..

Now i only have three MLs to go before i get to complete the entire line..I'm sure that i'll get a MOC HML PX Ultimate Wolverine since i already know where to buy one and it's actually a good for the HML Red Hulk Series Tigerstripe, i'll probably get a loose one if it goes lower than P500 but if ever it goes higher, i'd rather get a MOC one..and i'm sure i'll only get the FO First Appearance variant as a figure only..probably won't get a MOC one, hopefully i'll find one around P350..

I'm thinking about getting the Figure Factory Wolverines (masked and unmasked), i already talked with a seller who'll give both for me for P550..a little less than the price it went for before..The Masked one is being sold at P250 while the Unmasked one goes for P300..the unmasked one was one of the figures that came from the mystery boxes..the figure factory is like a thing that came in a crate that you put a build it yourself statue..unfortunately, it looks nowhere near the puicture you're seeing right now..i also wanted get the series 1 SHS Wolverine (masked astonishing) together with the two but it'll have to cost me another P150 more..if it was only worth P100 i would've taken it..but since it didn't, i'll probably just pass on it..i'm not really serious about completing the SHS anyway..if i get the two Wolverines, i'll probably get another masked one to customize..i'll try to turn it into an X-Force version again..i'm trying to get the X-Force costume in all shapes and sizes..

And because of that..I also reserved a pack of Marvel Minimates, it's the 2pack with X-Force Wolverine together with a Hydra soldier..story wise, this makes absolutely no sense at all..X-Force has yet to encounter the Hydra...this 2pack goes for P400 but it's okay since i still have time to save up for it hasn't arrived yet, but Comic Oddyssey usually gets the minimates and they're the only store that carries it..i'm planning to complete Wolverine in the X-Force costume..i already have the MU, a custom ML, the SHS and i'll probably get this one..and i also might get a few more in the upcoming months..I have no plans of completing this line..yeah they're only around P200 per piece but there are a lot of them and they only use one or two molds..but then, if i can find bargains..why not?

Since the Alex Ross seller wasn't texting, i called him already..and now i might get the bust tomorrow night..the only problem with the busts were the edges according to him..that probably means it already has dull edges or some paint has chipped off..i don't think it will be that much of a problem..i also asked around already and i've decided that i'll use the water stop clay to cover the exposed skin around Wolverine's eyes..i'll use it since it's easier to find, the problem is the guy said it's hard to modify once it hardens but it don't think it'll be a problem since it's not like i'll be doing major modifications..hopefully, i'll succeed with this project.

and yes, my uncle plans to order the bust but he has yet to order it..ugh, can't wait to get the SDCC exclusive Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine bust!

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