Friday, November 6, 2009

after this batch, i'll stop for a while.

Alright, my last post was concerning me saving up some i've decided that i'll stop adding to my collections after i get the Hammer Files Wave 1 Wolverine and wouldn't be that hard to look for the last 4 MLs i'm lacking..i actually know where to get each one of them already..i really need to save money right now since my girlfriends birthday is getting closer and i still don't know what to get'll be hard to top the three busts.

My last purchases before te big save might be the following..

1. Marvel Universe Strike Team Wolverine (P550) - This looks like crap. I hate to admit it but the face looks like CRAP. This is the exact reason why i didn't get into the XMO line..Wolverine's face looks like that of a pre-teen. I don't know why they couldn't do a better Wolverine face would have been much better if they made him look mad instead of making him smile. it just looks wrong. But i will buy this fig for the sake of completing the MU Wolverines..just like what i did with the HML Ultimate Wolverine..the wrinkly faced Wolverine. If ever this gets released tomorrow then i'll be forced to get this immediately...i asked one of the PTK guy who i already had a good transaction with to buy one for me and i'll just pay him. But i'll only do that if we'll be able to meet somewhere near..i think the guy lives somewhere near UST and that's a far far place from where i stay. I'm actually hoping that it doesn't get released tom.

2. MU Hammer Files X-Force Warpath (P550) - now i actually like the face sculpt of this figure. This one would be so comic accurate but the only problem is the hair length. Other than that this one is's a good looking fig actually, and this will be the second member of my X-Force MU. I also recently discovered that MU will now have variants unlike last year when they had "running changes". Warpath and Vision are the only one with variants, Warpath's is his X-Men uniform (Blue and Orange). If ever the new wave will be released at the event tomorrow then i might ask the guy to just ship it to me. He'll probably agree since it is way more convinient to do so. It's unlikely that it will be released tomorrow..afterall, it is a warehouse i am expecting them to sell old stocks. Whatever happens tomorrow..i'll make sure i get the two MUs.

3. ML Boxset Wolverine (P300) - This is going to be my last ML buy for quite a while if ever..i've actually been in talks with the seller for quite some time already, the only problem with this one is that it has no base already (not a problem since it'll look out of place) and that it has a small paint chip on the nose..but for the price of P300 (usually goes for P500+) i can live with that..i'l just reapply paint to his face. And if i do that, i'll probably reapply paint to my Masked Astonishing Wolverine too..this is going to be a real bargain if ever i'll be able to get this..and hopefully i will. I'm also actually trying to get around P50 off since he can't find the base anymore..but if ever he won't give me the discount i'll still get it. Hopefully the joints of this fig won't be as loose as some of the loose ones i bought..i really hate getting loose joints, it can't stand well and whenever i hold them i just get pissed..i'm going to try to meet with the seller tomorrow morning or sometime this weekend. i'd post the actual pic but it still isn't mine..i'll post the chipped nose when i get it.

4. Wolverine Alex Ross mini-bust replica (P500) - the seller of this bust has got to be one of the most eccentric sellers i've ever tried dealing with. why? well, he asks his friend to post it for him..then he asks me where i saw it. I ask him for the condition then he says look at the picture, there is none..instead of e-mailing me pictures he actually wants to send an mms. He wasn't able to send one so he says he'll send one the next day. We finalize a meet-up for the deal, morning he sends the pics and if i like it..we meet at night. He doesn't text me the whole day. I asked him if he'll stiull send a picture and he told me "later" which never came. "later" was the last thing i got from him. If he doesn't want to sell it then it's his problem, but if it's in good condition and he want to let it go..then i'll get it. I really want to do a repaint on this one. Turn it into X-Force Wolverine.

That's it..after those four i won't try to buy any action figure related thing for the next few weeks until my birthday..though i'll still get comics. That's it..oh, and just for fun..after every blog i'll post a picture of the Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine until i'm able to get uncle still hasn't ordered it i think..this would be one great birthday surprise if ever.

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