Sunday, November 15, 2009

Comical thoughts: X-Necrosha, Wolverine Origins 26 27

there's a lot in my to do list right now..3 of which are new updates here..first up, the reviews of my three newest comic they are..1. Wolverine Origins 26- the moment i opened this issue, a good surprise welcomed me..THE ART FINALLY CHANGED!! after 25 issues of very bad artwork (sorry Dillon), Segovia and Milla took over and did a fantastic job (i don't know when the next change took place but i like their artwork better). Anyway, this issue is filled with another "Wolverine was actually an asshole" revelation. Showing how he guarded this experiment/torture chamber and eventually killed everyone there. this issue also includes Daken's back story which shows that due to him being adopted and having mixed heritage, he was not treated well by his peers. It also shows that even as a child, his emotion controlling powers were already evident. I'm just not sure why Wolverine brought his son back to the same place the experiments on the Japanese took place. After almost an entire issue full of flashbacks on the life of both father and son, the issue ends with those Japanese people who were experimented in. Now turned into numbered zombies...overall, this issue was okay..the Daken flashback helps to make readers understand his origin but the Asshole Logan flashback is becoming real redundant..

2. Wolverine Origins 27 - The conclusion to the two part story which is probably made just so we can bridge to the Original Sin story arc. This issue continues to show Daken's story and how he started feeling that way towards Wolverine. This story also shows Romolus' figure, i guess this was the artwork that ruined his look, he has a freaking underbite. The story also shows Wolverine being held captive by the undead numbered zombies. They want to do to Wolverine what was done on them. Wolverine first thinks he should let them do it since it was partly his fault. But by the end of the story, Wolverine realizes he should let them "join their family". He sees Daken doing the same thing he's doing and when all is done, Wolverine realizes Daken remembers nothing..Probably due to the Carbonadium bullet shot to his head. This issue deals with how Wolverine always reacts in Origins, he realizes all the wrong he has done and a part of him wants to get it over with but his fatherly duties to Daken and how he wants to get back at Romolus towers over it. Overall this mini-story could have been compressed to an issue if they didn't go overboard with the flashbacks.

So overall, i really like the fact that they finally changed the art team for this book. I'm not into Dillon's realistic yet cartoony artwork. Never liked the fact that Wolverine looks like he's built like an everyday average man. The story is actually the second most liked for me next to the Deadpool arc, though that is not saying a lot. I have big hopes for Original Sin, why? I haven't heard anything bad about it.

3. X-Necrosha One-Shot: This book is the introduction to the Necrosha Cross-over, since i'm not really reading any other X book other than X-Force, i found the other 2 parts (Legacy and New Mutants) a bit hard to follow. This cross-over seems like it'll be X-continuity heavy so it isn't good for new readers. I myself had a very hard time following everything that was happening, it's probably like opening up a four part book, let's say Twilight..and starting at the 12th chapter of the third book..on to the 3 stories:

X-Force: The X-Force part is really the main part of this crossover..since from the beggining thay had to deal with Eli Bard, it's going to be like them being where the explotion occurs while the rest of the mutants just have to deal with the things that fly out. for an introductory issue, this is pretty action packed..First we see the imprisoned hellfire club meeting their dead members. Then we see Wolverine, Cyclops and another guy talking with Laura over what happened to her arm. Emma Frost seeing the Hellions, freaking out and being saved by Cyclops and Wolverine. Selene taking over the Hellfire Club in New York (i think). It also shows Angel and Warpath finally finding Rahne and the other Wolf (both i and Warpath have a trouble saying his name) Hrimmhrmahhi? but their ride gets struck by something. Suddenly, we see Archangel and Warpath flying while caryying the two of them. I like it how Warpath's power is only implied and not really shown. But then they go and meet Pyro and other dead mutants. This is great since it seems that the undead are going after the ones they have a connection with, and not just going to whoever is nearest. And the artwork is good too, especially since the story is very dark..this is a solid opening to a major story..hopefully, this will be A LOT better than Messiah War in terms of impact.

*this cover is awesome* tribute to the Lost Boys (never seen it)..Heroes by Day, Assassins by Night. Never show Mercy. Never give up. It's fun to be in X-Force.

2 other stories: i'm not going to act like i know everything that's going on on this side of the cross-over. One just shows that one of the dead mutants power (i think Donald Pierce) is to undertand every language including computers and he uses it to get into Necrosha. Another one is that the mother (Destiny i think?) of the blindfolded mutant girl was ressurected by Selene. They connect telepathically and then Warpath comes hurling into the room. Overall, i think that those two stories are also enjoyable if you know what's going on. I can follow the stories a little but not enough to explain it to you. Overall, this is a good read..though not necessary since the writers say that you don't need to get each book to understand the story. But i'll still try to get all of them. Try this one out, you might even like it..i sure did, and i only needed to know a third of what was going on.

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