Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SAVE money.

it's almost official, my uncle's going to order the X-Force Kotobukiya wolverine bust from Amazon..and they'll split the cost with me..which probably means that i'll pay around P2500-3500 when the time's going to cost me a few bucks but i definitely won't regret getting's limited to 500 and Wolverine's wearing his X-Force uniform..which i don't know how many times i must repeat but it's the best looking uniform for me..i'm real excited to get it too..the only problem really is that i have nowhere to put it..i might just but it inside the box for a while and wait until i finally have my own place or when i'll finally get a glass cabinet..whichever comes first..

in other news, i'm also almost done closing the deal with the owner of the Alex Ross mini-bust replica..i might go ahead and buy it, but first i have to see how it looks..hopefully it's not to banged up..i'll repaint some parts but not the entire thing..that'll probably be my last Wolverine for a while..i might save money first since i'll really pay my aunt and uncle for the bust. I also want to save money since i might just buy the other two Kotobukiyas too..yeah i know that'll probably be worth quite a lot but the good thing about busts is that they don't disappear as fast as action figures..they tend to stay in the stores longer..the Brown Wolverine also didn't cost as much as i expected, if the Tigerstripe Wolverine would be around that price then i might be able to save the money before mid-2010 (that's counting my expenses on my gf, comics, some action figures). I think i'll just finish up collecting all the Wolverines from the ML line and the Wolverines from the MU line. I mean, it's not that hard since i only lack 4 more MLs and MU isn't really producing a lot of Wolverines. In my opinion, the Yellow Tigerstripe looks a little out of place here..he should have been in a similar pose. But i like the uniformity of the base..remember, i saw the Brown Wolverine in person and believe me when i say that the pictures don't do it justice, quite the opposite when it comes to action figures since photos look a lot better at times.

Oh, and this one statue really caught my's around 12" tall and yet it's only being sold for P4k, not bad. The seller is the same guy i got my Unmasked Astonishing, Stealth, Rulk series variant and Street fight Logan from..which tells me that the statue is well taken care of. He can also sel it together with another statue (the one with the tunnel) for P10k both. The problem is P10k is a hell of a lot of money, P4k i can still probably get. The statue is the art asylum one, i think it's based on the same thing as the ML3 Wolverine. It looks good..and being 12" it means that you're getting a big stat for a price of a bust..if only i had the money then i could have bought this thing right away. but i don't so there's no use in thinking about, my girlfriend might just be the reason why i'm getting into busts and stats..eversince she bought the three busts for my birthday i've been thinking about getting more of them..i mean, they aren't poseable but they're already in a great, they don't really deppriciate in value..and they're numbered too, so you have a better chance of knowing that the one you own is authentic. But, it's not a sure thing yet..other than the X-Force Kotobukiya Wolverine, i'm still not sure about getting..maybe this feeling will blow over in a few days..who knows?

Anyway, i've also been thinking about how to get some money again..through legal, moral ,and ethical means ofcourse..other than saving up my allowance (only spend on gf, comics, 4 MLs, and Wolverine and New X-Force MUs) here's what i did:
- I dug up my old Mage Knights and i am now selling them off..
- Same thing with my Pokemon cards..
- There's this guy who'll buy my NBA cards again..last time he bought P500 worth from me, in two weeks he said he'll get P800 worth..hope he gets more money.:D
- THINKING ABOUT selling my ML X-Force figures:
---> XMC Archangel w/ base (P600-P650)
---> Domino w/ one gun (P250)
---> HML Cyclops (P300)

even if i let go of those three, not sure i'll let go of X-23, especially after reading her 2 mini-series..i've really had a deeper liking to her character..

hopefully, i wouldn't have to sell my X-Force figs, oh and if that does happen..i probably won't get the MU Warpath anymore..since there's a big chance i won't be able to complete them in that uniform..afterall, There are rumors that X-Force will end after homecoming..

more on that next time..

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