Sunday, November 15, 2009

Custom Wolverine X-Force bust

Last update for the day, this one is about my Wolverine replica bust turned into took a long time for me to get this one, went through a lot of trouble too..even texted the wrong number after a lot of things i finally got it for P500..i was thisclose to giving up on the bust..anyway, this bust is an Alex Ross Wolverine hobbymaster, he started as someone who did replicas but now he makes his own kits..anyway, the bust arrives more or less at this's evident that there are a lot of paint chips on the bust..also not seen in the picture is a chip on the point part of the mask..if i remember correctly it's the right pointy's a small chip but it's still very annoying..even before i got this bust and found out about its imperfections i already knew about what i was going to do..that's why i bought a pack of epoxy clay (didn't want to "bake" so i didn't use sculpey), the smallest paintbrush available (it was a little below the average size) and a new set of acrylic paint..even though i bought a whole set..i only needed the black, white (mix with black to form grey) and the red paint..

*the pre-edited picture came from the seller, he was also selling th Capt. America and the Hulk busts beside it.

Step 1:
I applied epoxy clay on the surrounding part of the eye, since i didn't want any skin showing around the eye, i made the mask sculpt reach up until the eyeballs..i also sculpted the chipped part of the mask..after i got the hang of it, it was very easy..all i had to do was remove the excess clay and let it dry over night. here's what it looked like after..notice that i made two lines at the dome of his head..i was planning to put two lines there after i painted it but i decided to abandon it afterwards since it wasn't really a necessary feature of the mask.

Step 2:
2nd step was simple, i painted over it..painted the black part first then i painted the gray part of the mask and finally painted over the red eyes. The only real difficulty i encountered here is the meeting point of the black and the grey parts of the mask. I had to repaint it quite a lot and just like the ML Wolverine i did, i had a hard time creating a proper gray color. After a few colors, it looked like this.
Step 3:
Notice that the eyes were still very visible, i had to let the red part dry up and repaint it again with red..did this for around three times so that the eyes won't be visible anymore..i also painted the name plaque with the same color i used with the dome part of the mask. At first i planned to write Wolverine in red paint but i couldn't do it properly so i just left it at that..i also started reapplying black paint to the base.
I was already happy with the new paint but then i noticed that the gray part was a bit darker than the normal. I decided that i would apply a lighter shade of gray..i used around 1/3 black and 2/3 white to achieve this kind of paint.

Here's a shot of it with proper lighting..i do think that it was a success..

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