Monday, October 26, 2009

Kotobukiya update. Postponed Wolverine.

This will be a short one again, the Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine is slowly starting to become a reality..though it's still far from it..i'm currently looking for a relative or any friend of my parents who is currently in california or new york. So that if there is, i can ask them to recieve the item for me and just bring it here when they go back. Another possibility is to ask fellow PTKers if they are currently there, i do think they'll agree if ever since we all share the same passion there so i guess they'll understand..i mean, i'd do the same thing if i was in their position. And oh yeah, Eric from Fourthwall told me that i might find one in Hong Kong...i have an aunt who lives in Macau so i might be able to ask her.:D man, i really want to have that bust..oh, and i saw the brown version in Maxi Collectors earlier, i might go get it on my birthday if i have the money.:D and last resort, i'm asking the shipping rates..if i find one that's relatively reasonable, i might just go and get it from them..

Oh, and i wasn't able to go to the meet-up i guess my 25th anniversary wolverine and my variant riders logan would have to wait..i wasn't able to go since we had a family lunch that ended at 1:45..i would not be able to go to GH in 30 mins..i need more than an hour, so i just asked the moderator and the seller for a favor..i'll just deposit the money to the seller's bank account and i'm going to get the figs on tuesday from the same place as the one where my X-23 was left..i'll probably get them on tuesday after my class..i'll probably slow down after this one, i won't get the Wolverine doll anymore since the lot was sold's still available together with the other dolls but i don't think a lot of people are interested on the dolls..Oh, and as for the pre-ordered Marvel Selects, i don't know if i'll still get them..we'll see...

Right now, here's my list of to get items in the near future (w/in 5 months):
- SDCC Kotobukiya Wolverine X-Force Bust (will get if i have the chance)
- Kotobukiya Brown Wolverine Bust (will get if i have money)
- Kotobukiya Tigerstripe Wolverine Bust (will get if i have money)
- MS Brown Wolverine Masked (probably not)
- MS Brown Wolverine Unmasked (probably not)
- MU Wolverine Strike Team (sure thing)
- MU X-Force Warpath (sure thing)
- ML Astonishing Cyclops (if P250 below)

Figures i'd get when given a chance:
- ML Red Hulk Series Tigerstripe Wolverine (if P600 below)
- ML Face-off First App. Variant (if P450 below)
- ML Boxset Wolverine (if P450 below)
- ML Ultimate Wolverine (if MOC below P800)
- 13" Unmasked Wolverine Rotocast (if below P700)
- XMC Tigerstripe (if below P500)
- XMC Wolverine Astonishing/Tigerstripe from jet (if below P500)
- XMC Wolverine from mutant racer (if below P500)
- XMC Wolverine X-treme Wild Chopper (if below P700)
- MS Wolverine Days of Future Past (SRP MOC)
- MS Wolverine Origins (SRP MOC)

that's quite a lot, but who knows..i might not be able to get them w/in 5 months..oh, and i've decided that i'll try to get my hands on every figure/bust/statue that comes out that has Wolverine wearing the X-Force uniform..if anyone knows where i can get the ones i listed, do let me know.:D

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