Tuesday, October 13, 2009

6" X-Force, 3.75" X-Force CATCH UP ON COMICS!!

I guess i'm ALMOST complete with my 6" X-Force, i already have three of them..one is still not with me, two are yet to be released/produced and i already reserved the last. I'm not really counting Vanisher and Wolfsbane since i don't think they'll come out with ML figures of those two (i might be wrong, Toad has one). And i'm also not goinh to include guys like Cannonball, Boom-Boom, and Cable since they are not the X-Force i have come to love. Everythime you read X-Force here, i mean the wetworks team. I already have Wolverine (custom X-Force), X-23 (variant), Domino (2 pack), and Archangel (XMC). The Astonishing Cyclops (yes, i count him as a member since he is the man sending them on their mission) is currently in a new group buy. I reserved it together with a MOC MU X-Force Wolverine (which i won't open), both are for P700 which is a pretty good price. Segwaying a little, i already dropped my dibs on the MOC 25th Anniversary Wolverine for P600 and instead chose the MOC 25th Anniversary Wolverine and Clear Emma Frost for P900. I'll just use Emma as either trade bait or i'll sell her for around P400-450? Going back, the biggest problem i'll have would be Deadpool and Warpath. Deadpool because he'll probably get hoarded since the TML Deadpool is going around P3000-P4000 right now. The Warpath on the other hand was only a prototype and i'm not sure if it'll ever see the light of day. Hopefully, Warpath will be the one packaged with Deadpool in the 2-pack. As for the 3.75" line, i might have a little problem there..see, Deadpool was released in the XMO line, and i'm not sure if he'll be released in the MU line anytime soon. Same thing with Cyclops, the current MU version of Cyke is the older version..i think it's the Jim Lee era one, so i guess i'll have to buy the two XMO figures. Hopefully, they aren't as bad as the Wolverines from that line. So once again i have realized something while writing this blog..i am spending way too much money again. I need to cut back and i guess after the last set of purchases i will..no, not i guess..i seriously will! alright, i will list down the figures that i will buy, and i won't buy anything else other than those ones for now. I'll also write down the price or the budget, if ever i don't have one reserved yet. I also won't include the figures that i don't really need but will be forced to get. I will try to sell/trade the fig though. So you can basically see in the 2nd image the computation. The best case scenario is that i'll be able to get a loose Wolverine from the 2pack and together with the Astonishing Cyclops and the Deadpool, trade it for the MOC Emma Frost Exclusive for and just add P300. If that happens, i'll only have to spend P1900 on this batch. And yes, i do intend to make this my last batch unless the guy who's planning to sell his Wolverines have what i don't have yet and i'll be able to get them for a low price. That's the only way i'll spend on toys again before the new MU wave comes out. And yes, i am pretty late on my comics, all 4 of my issues have already arrived in Fourthwall and i have yet to claim one. i'm planning to go there next week or next next week..when i already have money..i'll probably get those 4 and 2 back issues of Origins, unless the X-Force mini-series has already arrived. I really want to read X-Force and the Weapon X book, the Dark Wolverine..not really, but i can't seem to put the book down once i start reading it. And as for the Origins, i'm just reading it for the sake of reading it. If that's the case..i'll get those instead of backissues. So there, hope i'll be able to stop buying figs for a while..i'm real broke right now..Oh, but if ever..i'll save money first, cause i don't think the group buy will be finalized this week..maybe by the next week. So i'll still have time to save up P700, and the 3.75" aren't really sure yet so who knows? My only commitment right now is the 2 MOC exclusives..i won't spend a lot on the XMO figs..so yeah, the worst case probably won't happen..

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