Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SHE BOUGHT THEM, MS Brown Wolverines

yep, she did...3 wolverine busts for P5500..supposed to be abirthday gift but it's still a month and a half i can't take them home yet, can't wait to them next to my other wolverines..also sold some NBA cards reached around P700 but i spent most of it for my girl's food..but at least i was able to sell some. Oh, and i'll pre-order the MS Brown Wolverines..if Fourthwall will be able to get them for me i'll order from them but if not, i'll just go with the Kramer place..they're selling them for P1590 each..i guess i can save up for that if ever..that's all.:D shortest entry i think..oh, i really want to get the rotocast X2 wolverine already..and the Wolverine doll thing is already reserved for me together with a first appearance varinat's one of those things that is good whether or not it works's a wolverine but it's okay if i won't be the one to get it..:D

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