Saturday, October 17, 2009

X-Force: Sex and Violence Preview/collection update

Just saw the image previews of the X-Force: Sex and Violence mini-series, here they are..

I just love the artwork in this one, Del Otto's doing it right? great great art..i envy the guy's talent..anyway, it's just images so i don't know what's happening yet..i'm guessing domino just came back from somewhere looking like that and elixir sees him, elixir walks up to her and asks her what happened and that if she needed any help..i guess she admits that she needs the help though she can't say anything to elixir..while elixir was healing her, wolverine walks up to them and stops elixir, tells him to get out and he confronts dom..we'll see in a couple of weeks if i'm correct since this thing is about to be released soon..hopefully this mini-series lives up to the hype or at least has the same quality as the current X-Force book..just a few questions though:
1. Why are there bullet wounds on Domino's back?
2. Does this take place before or after Necrosha? Since as of now, Elixir is out cold
3. Does X-Force have a secret hide-out thing? cause the mirror there looks like it's out of place in any x-men joint..
4. Will the other members also make an appearance?

my guess is that Dom's outfit is bullet proof and those are just wounds, it happens before, and they do have a hide-out..oh, and that others are going to make cameos..

I'm also going to Greenhills tomorrow, i'm finally going to get my X-23 variant figure and i'm going to meet-up with someone to buy the SW Wolverine/Human Torch 2-pack for P700 ($14) so that's around P199 lower than SRP. But i will try to sell the Human Torch figure for around P350 (figure along) or P400 (with case and comics) he's also going to sell me a SHS X-Force Wolverine for P100 ($2) not that'll bring it to P800. Initial thoughts about this figure is that it's sculpt is better than the brown wolverine from the XMO line (more on that later) and that it's an almost complete repaint of the X-Force Wolverine other than the hand that was supposed to hold the sword, it was replaced by a closed fist. But still, i think it's good..I think i bought quite a lot of Wolverine related shit for the past week or so..i was also supposed to get the X2 movie Wolverine rotocast unfortunately the seller will be out of town tomorrow, maybe i'll just get it together with the items from the new Wolverine groupbuy (just 4 items left: loose select ult. wolverine and dofp wolverine, XMC HoM wolverine and stealth wolverine) i already have the two XMCs and i plan to get MOC Selects if ever i do buy them..hopefully the deal would by done by next week or the week after that..tomorrow or the next day..i'm also thinking about buying the wolverines from the XMO line too, at least the 3.75"ones..this wasd because i saw an ebay posting of 6 XMO figures for just P2k..and the seller was willing to sell the 4 wolverines for just P1300. i just realized that i shouldn't since they'll probably release similar ones on the MU line someday, so i'll just try to wait for those..and that i shouldn't go spending left and right..i'll stick to the list i made, other than adding the 12" rotocast wolverine..i can't wait to be able to save money again..right now, the expenses i have lined up are the following:
1. Loose HML Astonishing Cyclops - P250**
2. MOC HML Wolverine 25th anniversary TRU exclusive - P600*
3. LOC TML Logan Legendary Riders variant - P400*
4. Loose 13" Wolverine x2 movie rotocast - P500**
5. Loose XMO Astonishing Cyclops - P300***
6. Loose XMO Deadpool - P300***
* - will get if GB works out
** - will probably get 70-30
*** - ehh, not sure..30-70

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