Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CollectIcon is near. PLEASE!! let the trade go through!!

Three more sleeps before the 10th of October, that means i'll be going to my first ever toy thing this weekend. though i'll be going there to look for some bargain Wolverine figure that don't cost more than P600 and cheap Iron Mongers that don't cost more than P300, but i might not even need to buy an Iron Monger anymore (more on that later). And the Wolverines i'll be looking for on saturday would primarily be in the 6" scale, the MU SW Wolverine, and anything that really catches my eye that looks good but wouldn't force me to start a new line. I'm still not sure if i go through with the Marvel Select line..i think it's too expensive. i'll already take home quite a handful of figures even if i don't find anything i mentioned for the past few blogs i'll be getting 3 Wolverine Essentials, AoA Regular Wolverine, and Wolverine Strike Team (all paid for) as well as an XMC Archangel. Yes, buying an Archangel in this scale does mean that I will now collect the new X-Force in the 6" line too. I also might be able to get Domino but it'll only happen if the buyer wouldn't get it by Friday. And i'll also be paying for an X-23 but i won't be able to get it on saturday, since the meet-up will be on Sunday in GH but i won't be able to go there on that day. Oh, and i'm also going to get this Spider-Man animation card from the Comicology guy ( since i "won" in this contest, haha. might keep the card, might use it for trade bait, who knows? So there, i'm already booked to pay P550-P750 even without going there. And i'll be getting quite a few items too..I'll try to ask for an advance in my allowance so i can have more money to spend there though..oh, and my girlfriend will go with me which will be nice.:D the only problem with the X-Force is that they won't be wearing their team colors. So i either have to do a repaint or ask someone to do it. and asking someone to do it costs a lot..And the Warpath will be released next year so i guess i'll be able to complete it. Deadpool too. And yes, i'm assuming Deadpool will be a permanent member. I'm also getting a little late with my comics because of all the action figures i've been getting..i still haven't bought the latest Wolverine Origins issue and i think all the other books (X-Force, Dark Wolverine, Wolverine Weapon X) will be dropping this week. So I've made up my mind that i'll take it slow, i have to pay my sun bill, save money for my girlfirend, and save money for comics. Anyway, the lacking only a few 6" Wolverines and as of now, only one MU Wolverine. So i guess i'll be able to recover after that..and my birthday's only 2 months away..haha. i'll have more money by that time..remember the list i showed you of all the 6" Wolverines i want to get? Yeah, there's only three remaining..i'm still waiting for a fairly priced Wolverine Face-off (i think P300 is good), there's one listed right now but the seller wants the set to be sold. And an ebay seller is selling it for P350..but it's been listed for a long time so i guess i still don't need to rush. The 25th Anniversary Wolverine is something i want to get asap..i guess it'll be the #1 thing i'll be looking for on CollectIcon..any MOC of it being sold for less than P500, i'm going to get it. I won't mind getting two if the Group Buy pans out. I might even get one for P900, but it comes wit an Emma Frost Variant, but i'm trying to at least get a s1 Green Hulk to replace the Emma so that i'll get a monster fig at the same time..if ever he agress, i'll go do the deal with him..P900 for Silver Wolverine and Green Hulk, not bad i guess. Oh, and there's been a new problem with the trade..the guy i'm going to trade with is going to CollectIcon at around 2pm but i won't be there anymore at 2pm! i have a i asked him to either come early, wait for me until 5pm or meet up at a different venue tomorrow. Hopefully he's able to come early on CollectIcon. I'm trading my 1997 Super Slammers Undertaker with his XMC Ninja Strike Wolverine. Straight up trade, i really hope it works out. don't think that it's an unfair trade for him, you know that figs rarely look like the ones they show during promos. AND Undertaker's a retro one, 12 years of existence already! I'm even planning to bring along my 1991 Ultimate Warrior if we're able to meet-up so i could sell it to him for half the price and if he's a good guy i might actually just give it to him..why? since that'll definately be the last wrestler toy i have and he'd look very out of place already, so i'll just dispose of him. Plus, i really want to get that Ninja Strike Wolverine, if i had the money i'd actually buy a MOC one if i found one. The only possible seller that has a MOC one isn't even sure he has it in his store, he just told me he thinks he has one and hasn't even replied yet..i hope he has one, maybe i can get it for P550. I mean..look at that, that is just awesome, i want to have one like that. Than one, the Silver Wolverine, and my custom X-Force Wolverine would be the pride of my little Wolverine collection. Yeah, i know some guys have Hot Toys, statues, and busts, but i don't have the funds to have those things..YET. So i'm focusing on the line that i can actually afford and i do think i'm doing well in it. So guys, i'm hoping that i'll be able to get the Silver Wolverine and Green Hulk for P900, that the trade for XMC Ninja Strike Wolverine happens and that i would be able to find bargain Wolverine figures on saturday...yeah, hopefully it will..i'm hoping it will..hahaha. Come on!

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