Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wolverine collection updates. Preview of ranking the best ML Wolverine.

This will be a quick one, i just got my 25th anniversary Wolverine and my Logan Riders variant earlier and i have to say that i believe both were a good buy. Though the Logan Variant scared me a bit since the joints weren't arranged properly and i didn't see it because of the jacket..but fortunately i was able to fix it once the jacket was removed. On the other hand, both my girlfriend and me agree that the Silver Wolverine is better kept MOC. With that said, i'm only 4 Wolverines away from completing the line; the Blue Ultimate Wolverine, Open mouth face-off, and the boxset Wolverine. As i have said before, once i complete the ML line i will do a review of it and rank them from best to worst..i haven't decided yet wether or not to iclude the XMC Wolverines in the ranking..anyway, i've decided on how to rank the figs:

1. Sculpt
a. Originality of Sculpt (5 pts.)
- if the sculpt used for the fig is new automatically it gets 10.
- if figure used an old sculpt it will depend on whether or not the sculpt works for the figure or not.
b. Grade of Sculpt (10 pts.)
- poseability, articulation, this is where it comes in.
c. Sculpt extras (5 pts.)
- if there is detail in the sculpt (clothes, belt, pants, etc.)
2. scale accuracy (10 pts.)
- the closer the figure is to Wolverine's size, the higher the grade.
3. the extras (5 points)
- the accessories (if any), bases/rides, extra good stuff.

that's a total of 35 points, i'll grade the figures one by one instead of against each other..if i don't have the certain accessory or base or whatever of the fig, i will indicate. Might even use this for MU.:D

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