Saturday, October 24, 2009

tid-bits about new hauls, upcoming meet-ups

I've been a bit busy with watching Greek lately so i haven't really been able to post a new entry lately, now that i'm home..i can give you guys a quick review of my new wolverines..but before we get to that, i'll finally get my 25th anniversary Wolverine HML! it'll come with the ML Legendary Riders Logan Variant which is good since at least i'll get something else i like instead of Emma Frost. we'll go meet-up on sunday which is also the birthday of my new friend and the moderator of the group buy. Can't wait for it, i won't get the LOC MS DoFP Wolverine anymore though..i know it's kind of rare but i was intent on keeping it MOC so i'll just look for a MOC one some other time. Plus, i don't have anymore money..haha. Okay, so i'm going to share my thoughts on my gf's birthday/christmas gifts for me..unfortunately i won't be able to take them home until december..they'll stay in her condominium for now..1. Bowen 25th anniversary Wolverine First Appearance - 3/5 ehh, it's solid but it looks too plain for me, the claws are real nice but the pose is to plain..would have been better if it had been done in a dynamic pose. But i guess if you put this one beside the others produced by Bowen, it would look real good.kinda like the other two. Unlike others, i appreciate this bust since it's done in Wolverine's first ever costume. Would also have been better if the company produced a CoA.

2. DST Astonishing Wolverine - 4.5/5 my favorite of the three! i like the way he's posing, i love the details and the sculpt! it's a perfect combination of realism and having that comic look, plus points since it's the same scale as the other Astonishing X-Men busts, i also like how the base has the claw makes it more wolverine and less generic. my only real problem with the base is that it's too small, other reviews said that they tend to fall so i better watch out..i'll probably put the sticky stuff underneath this one.

3. DST Civil War Wolverine - 4/5 best base out of the three, it says civil war..not much but if you see the explotion behind you'll see how awesome it is. Being comic accurate doesn't help for me since i didn't like the too cartoon-y approach of the artist. Other than that, i think it's great..the only problem is that i think i better be careful of the base since it might break if i'm not careful. and just like the other two, this one can be displayed beside the other civil war busts.

Having these stats got me thinking if i could get into them too, at least the mini ones that are around 6" tall, i can shell out P2k-3k every once in a while i guess, but the real bust i want to have is the Kotobukiya Wolverine bust, the X-Force one..that looks so good. I really really want to have that one. They say that it costs around P7k+ here and orders outside the Philippines cost P4k+ without the shipping which might go up to P2k..hopefully, i'll be able to get one of now, i asked a friend from PTK in Singapore if there's still that bust somewhere there, hopefully there is and i can get it from him.:D if it costs around P6k overall i can live with that..i guess..I'll just focus all my money on that for a while. I promise, if he's able to get me that one, i'll stop buying toys for a while and save up for that.

Other than those three, my only other haul for the week is the 13" X2 Wolverine Rotocast, i guess overall it's good and now i only need the unmasked Wolverine Rotocast (not the ML Icons), my only problem with this fig is that it does not have knee articulation so the knees are forever bent. So i can't pose him standing straight but instead he needs to always be in an action pose like the one in the picture..the fig was very dusty when i got it, and the owner was really lying about him having the other two rotocasts, i mean..the sample pic he showed were MOC that was covered with plastic..this one was loose and not taken care of. To solve the dust problem, i just dipped him in water for a few seconds..and shit, i think i might have forgot to throw the water..and my brother took a bath already..haha. A good problem i have with this figure is that it's actually taller than my display space, so i had to bend him down so he'd be able to fit..he's way bigger than my Masked Wolverine Rotocast. I was able to see an unmasked rotocast last saturday but the problem was it costs around P1200, i don't really want to spend that much money on a loose figure..and that it would set me back big time.

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