Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kotobukiya dreaming. X-Force Fetish. Mutilation.

Ever since my gf bought me those three busts, i have been thinking real bad about buying busts too..which is bad since that seriously costs a LOT. anything in the 4 digits are a lot for me..upwards of P500 is big for me. at first i was thinking that i should just buy the ones that are way below srp, like the three that i got. but then that still costs a got me thinking that eversince, there has only been ONE bust/statue that has caught my attention and made me say "i HAVE to get that"..and if you have been reading my past blogs you should have an idea already of what it is..Wolverine, in his X-Force uniform..specifically, the Kotobukiya bust that was released during the SDCC this year..i mean, look at's not over the top, and yet it looks awesome, for me being as realistix as possible works here, it doesn't look plain though his pose isn't overwhelming like the astonighing bust. I've been looking for ways to get this bust, i asked someone over at PTK if he can get me one, i aksed someone from the US how much it costs to ship it to me..well, it costs pretty much around P7k, 2 rats used to pre-order it at P4999 only to have the Brown Wolverine instead. Plus, 2Rats still hasn't gained my trust yet, they're seriously known as sellers of overruns..yeah, maybe some of my figures MIGHT have come from them..but i wouldn't want a bust that's an overrun..nope, i wouldn't want that. Anyway, the brown one is almost as good as this one but this one is better for me because of the X-force uniform. If you (yes you, my reader) know how i can get one, please let me know. I'm actually asking my parents if we know anyone who lives in the U.S. so that we can just have this delivered to their place and just bring it here on Christmas or whenever they come back here..this would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for me, yep..though i love the gift my gf gave me, still..this one's perfect..unfortunately, it seems to be out of reach..only 500 of these beauties were released if i'm correct, and that's a small number..

I just realized that i have a fetish for the X-Force costume, i don't know why..i guess it's because it's just so practical for me, being stealthy (Black and Grey) while intimidating at the same time (red) right? I like the uniform so much i already have three figs of it, one of which is my own custom..the MU X-Force Wolverine is the reason why i'm planning to complete the MU Wolverines, the custom ML Wolverine was the first thing i planned to do when i started collecting action figures. And i don't really like the SHS line but i still bought it just because it's wearing the X-Force uniform. I actually like this so much that i wouldn't be mad at Hasbro if they ever decide to release an X-Force Wolverine using the ML6 sculpt (which has already been used on 6 figs! ML6 Brown, AoA Reg, AoA Burnt, Rulk Black, Rulk Tigerstipe, Silver), i still think that sculpt is the best Wolverine sculpt. Oh, and IF EVER Marvel Select decides to do an X-Force Wolverine, i'll surely get it no matter what..oh, and if you noticed, the MU Wolverine is holding two's because i gave the Muramasa Sword to the Secret Wars Wolverine..and the other one came from...

Remember i bought 11 Termintaor Endoskelitons? well, now there's only 10 of them..i just mutilated one of them, i guess i'm planning to make him the leader but i got tired of painting so i just did whatever i pleased to do with it, and i just gave his gun/grenade launcher/missle launcher thing to Wolverine. It Fits! though his finger isn't on the trigger, the scale is to small to be noticed..That's it for now, i'll be going to Greenhills again tomorrow for a meet-up, I'm finally going to get the 25th Silver Wolverine and the Variant Riders Logan..After that, it just leaves the FA Wolverine open mouth variant, Rulk Tigerstripe and the Blue Ultimate Wolverine as my remaining targets from the Marvel Lgends line and then i'm done..i promise, after getting all ML Wolverines, i will post a blog that is solely devoted to the ML Wolverines, i'm going to rank them from the best to the worst..and right now, 3 HML Wolverines might end up at the bottom of the list. Oh man, i suddenly can't wait to complete the line.:D

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