Saturday, October 3, 2009

Braving the storm. Nike Flightclub.

There's a new hurricane coming tomorrow called "Pepeng". Why? it's after "O" i guess..i hope it won't hit the Philippines anymore, a lot of people have yet to recover from Ondoy. I hope everyone will be fine. Anyway, even though there might be a typhoon coming. I'm planning to go to greenhills to get my Wolverine stuff any my phone reformatted. It broke down last night, i don't know why though..And The GB thing can't be postponed anymore. This reminds me of a time a few months ago when i also went out to get something i bought. I was planning on buying new shoes at that time, and the plan was for me to get Air Max Stat in the army colorway. I already had everything set up, it was supposed to be delivered for free and all i had to do was to deposit the payment. The day before, i was unable to deposit due to the fact that i had class until around 5:30 and most banks were already closed at that time. Then the next day, i went to this bank at around 4:15 only to find out that it closes around, bummer. Anyway, i was so pissed off because i didn't know that it closed that early. I messaged the seller about it and i said that if he thinks i'm taking such a long time then i'd understand..or that if possible maybe i could just meet-up tih someone..he said that meet-ups were not allowed and he sounded susicious of me, thinking that i might be fooling him. So there, we ended up just cancelling our transaction. And then, while surfing around ebay i saw this the shoe i really wanted. Eversince i saw it on JR Smith during the last all-star game i really wanted to get it. It was the Nike Flight Club, i really wanted the grey and blue colorway but i also liked the shoe a lot. But the only color way released here were the ones for Tony Parker and Andre Iguodala. But i saw this on ebay, in my size..It was being sold for P4500 or around $90. P1000 of the retail price, it just doesn't have the box anymore since it came from abroad..i had a quick talk with the seller and there, boom...i'm getting it the next day. It was raining a bit when i got it. But let me tell you it was worth it, after getting this pair i haven't looked for another one since..because one, i have no more money and two..i'm finally satisfied with my kicks. This is awesome, i haven't used it for playing yet (i use Jordan XX3 low and Nike Flight Skool) and only used it around 2-3 times for walking and it still looks oh so new..just like the pair you're seeing right now. Anyway, wich me luck tomorrow..hopefully there won't be any typhoon tomorrow and that if it won't rain hard..and that i'll get my phone fixed..oh, and that i might get a cheap 6" monster..haha. Oh, there's this guy on ebay who's selling this Spawn playset for only P300, i would've taken it since he said that it was perfect for 3.75" lines..but when i checked on other said that it was in the 6" scale. It would be fine if it was only the Violator but come on..if i use this set then Wolverine would be as big as the fire place..he may be small but he isn't that small. I don't know if the guy selling it seriously doesn't know what he's talking about or if he just wants to make a quick buck. Anyway, for those looking for something that goes with 6", this is one great bargain. I mean, this seriously looks good. If it was made on the 3.75" scale i'd go and get it. But unfortunately, it's i guess i'll just have to stay tuned and wait for one. So brother wants to use the laptop so i'll just check in next time..pray for good weather guys..

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