Saturday, September 26, 2009

ML X-Force Wolverine

As far as i know, Hasbro has yet to produce an X-Force Wolverine, but they did release a prototype during the SDCC 09. And i've pretty much shared just how much i like the X-Force unis. That's why a few months back i decided to create my own. At first i was planning to use the ML6 Wolverine but those things are worth around P500 for loose and can go up to around P1000 for the MOC ones, so i decided that i'll just use those overrun toys. When i found out my sister was in robinson's ermita, i asked her to go to the stall near the LRT station to look for Wolverine toys. She told me there were three, one was an overrun Wolverine ML Rider Series that comes with the bike for P500, another one is probably a movie version and the last one was Wolverine with a cape and gold claws..I actually thought that the gold claws meant that instead of 3 silver claws, it was gold and that when she said that it had a cape on..Sentry was the first thing on my mind..haha. it ended up being Black Panther's body. It went for P199 and i seriously think it's way too expensive..i mean, it's an should go for as low as P100 (i think it's like that in Divi). So when i got it, i asked my uncle to lend me some acrylic paint cause i know he had some, one problem FLESH paint. how will i make the arms?! so anyway, that's a problem i shouldn't think of yet..what i first did was color the entire body (except the head) with white, i acted all professional and put some base paint on it..haha. it ended up looking like a winter Wolverine for some reason, it was as if he was wearing a white suit for an arctic expedition..looked real camoflauge-y when i put him on a white paper to dry up. After a few hours (should have been longer, paint was still a little sticky) i couldn't wait so i just picked him up and cut off his golden claws. Wolverine doesn't have claws..not since he went all feral anyway. So after doing that, again i acted all professional and stuff..i decided to put grey paint nect, but since my uncle also didn't have grey paint i mixed up the black and white one..i think it ended up looking alright. Wolverine now looks like a road on Christmas. With snow coverine the cement. This is where it got a bit hard..see, i didn't break up the body, i just painted on it as a whole, so i keep on messing up the paint while applying some on the other side, let's just say this was real hard but i ended up salvaging it anyway. I know it wouldv'e been better if i took it apart, but ever since i was a kid i was never really good with putting things back together, though i was good at breaking a whole lot of stuff. So there, i applied the paint grey paint throughout his entire torso and down until his feet, though i know the boot was supposed to be all black anyway. I just did it so for some reason. The belt area was also becoming a big problem since i can't paint underneath it and i won't be able to get it out unless i cut it in two and i didn't want to do that since i know it would be bad. So there, after drying it up again i guess it would be time to apply the black paint. it was very time consuming since by that time my grey paint also dried up, that means that i had to create another grey paint since my black paint would be misapplied and shit. and since i had a new grey paint that meant i had to reapply it to the whole body so that it wouldn't look like they had patches of grey paint..i did it more or less around 10 times before i was satisfied with the look of the paint application..after that, i guess i was pretty much finished since i didn't have flesh paint..i left it alone for almost 2 was pretty much done except for the fact that it had white i told you guys in the past posts, i don't have a lot of extra cash, so i wasn't able to buy flesh acrylic one time, i was real bored..i checked the figure, i found out that most of the paint chips everytime i move the joints, it was a problem since i had no intentions in making a statue. Unforunately, during this time i had no camera with me so i wasn't able to take pictures..just use your imagintaions. haha. so i decided to rip the arms of, the legs too. But when i took the leg off..the crotch area was split into two, which was a good thing since i could remove it and i could now remove the belt there, i was able to paint most of the joints properly now, and i screwed around with the colors white, red, yellow, and brown and to my surprise..i ended up with as color that was similar to his face! so there, i painted it up but the problem was, i knew that i had to paint the entire arm instead of just one side since by the time one side dries up, the paint i created would dry up too..and i told you that i just messed around, so i did
n't know the proportions and anything like that. it was now or never so i just painted the entire are and used the hand articulation so it could grab a hold of something and i left it hanging..i left it there for sometime and when i returned, i realized i applied too much paint! it was toot hick so it wouldn't dry up..what i did was to remove some of the paint and i let it dry again. When it dried up, i rammed the arms back to the upper body but in doing so..i ruined the not so dry paint..and i didn't have flesh anymore..damn. Solution? This is the X-Force stupid..they kill an d they get bloody. BLOODY. USE BLOOD. so i put some red paint and scattered it too make Wolverine bloody..and since the paint was chipping, it had the effect that some of them were wounds..haha. NICE!! And since it would be stupid for him to have blood on his arms and nowhere else, i applied it on his body and on his face too..the result? I think this is pretty good, the shot is bad though..i had to use my fone's of now, this isn't finished yet..i'm still thinking of whether or not i should put some metal claws on him..i already know the procedure but i don't know if i should since i might ruin
the hands or something..safest
thing to do is if i find a pair of wolverine hands somewhere and i could just replace this one, either way..i think i did okay for a first customization. Pretty good.:D afterall, he doesn't always have his claws out. and yeah, it's our of scale for most MLs since i used a black panther body but so is the HoM Wolverine from the XMC line, they're about the same height..same thing with the ML3 Tiger Stripe (the one with a slanted torso)..i love this X-Force Wolverine, it might not look good for others but's my first masterpiece..maybe i'll do this more often..but i'll still get the X-Force Wolverine if ever Hasbro decides to make an ML one, i already have the Marvel Universe one. Oh by the way, i already placed a bid on the 25th Anniversary Wolverine, and Clear Emma Frost lot so wish me luck. haha.

*update: someone outbid me, i don't know if i'll bid on it again..i have one reserved on a gb in PTK though, i might just get's cheaper since i'm only getting th Wolverine..

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