Monday, September 28, 2009

Growing collection

I think i've finally made up my mind about what to collect when it comes to action figures...and it should come as no surprise that these are the two themes i have chosen: the new/current X-Force (Wolverine, X-23, Warpath, Domino, Archangel, Elixir, Vanisher,and Wolfsbane) but only the figures that will come out in team colors on both ML and MU scales. But i'll probably prioritize the MU since it's cheaper and i told you guys i'm dreaming of a diorama. So no, the Domino from the ML 2-pack probably won't count unless i get it at a bargain price. Ooh, and Deadpool too if ever he comes out with X-Force colors since it's already confirmed that he will join the team. Oh, and maybe i'll start to collect Daken if ever he comes out with an action figure, i think the three of them (Wolverine, Daken, X-23) will look good side by side..i just inquired about the regular X-23 figure, i'm going to get her if she is sold cheap..haha. though i actually like the variant one better..anyway, here's a checklist of my growing action figure collection. I stated in a thread not too long ago that i'm going to focus on the Wolverines from ML and XMC lines first, even though there are still a lot, at least that narrows down the field a bit. first up is the list of 6" Wolverines that i already have..i think it's pretty much a lot since i only started around a month and a half ago. haha. if i remember correctly the first one i bought was the LOC Ultimate Wolverine from ebay (didn't come with BAF part), then i got the Rider Series Wolverine (complete). Astonishing and the Airstrike were bought on the same day together with the New X-Men Wolverine. The Astonishing one was the first figure i bought from PTK, I was real disappointed with it since it had a freaking paint chip on the jaw, i wasn't able to see it in the picture on the net since he was turned sideways. It did come with Psylocke and her BAF part but i'm selling them off. The HoM Wolverine was a real bargain but it did have a defect in one joint but it doesn't affect the figure at all. The New X-Men Wolverine didn't come with the sentinel thing and it's jacket was already falling apart but i still bought it since it looked good for me. It was also sold at a low price. Next one i bought was the Weapon X one, it was still MOC but the clamshell was already yeallowing so i opened it anyway. It also came with the Poster book instead of a comic. I bought it the same day as i bought my first MS, Ultimate Wolverine. I bought it way below it's initial price, i don't know why Ultimate Wolverine goes for so low. Anyway, next up was the ML6 Brown Wolverine, i bought the figure only and now i'm regretting it since the GB thread i'm participating in is selling it for the same price but it also comes with a base. Though this figure did come with a free Super Hero Squad Logan. After that i bought the ML3 Masked Wolverine which as i mentioned in a post before, was in a banged up shell so i decided to free him up. He came with a happy meal Wolverine, i think. The guy who sold it to me was an a freshman at my school. haha. damn, he's giving up his collection while i'm last ML Wolverine acquisitions were the Tigerstripe Unmasked and Variant AoA, by the way..when i bought this, i thought i was getting the one from the Box-set. There, if you add the custom i made then that makes 11 ML figures all in all. But that's not all. i'm claiming the following on October 3rd..these are 2 different transactions by the way..I'm going to get the Strike Team Wolverine together with the Regular AoA together with 3 Wolverine essentials that are being sold for the brice of one! BARGAIN! volumes 1, 3 and 4..though vol.3 has loose sheets..but the seller said he could fix it..Then in another transaction i'll be getting the unmasked Astonishing (hopefully this time no chips), a stealth Wolverine with complete accessories (this was very hard to look for) and a figure only Street Fight Logan from the X-Men 2 line. It was a bargain so i bought it, and so that everything would be bought faster. So there, add the five and at the end of the week i'll have 16 6" Wolverines. DAMN. those are many, but i'm still going to look for these four before i'm finally satisfied...the first one is the silver Wolverine made espescially for Hasbro's 25th Anniversary. It was supposed to be limited to only 25,000 figures but i doubt that, i think there are more. This is the ONLY Marvel Legends figure that i plan on keeping MOC. I'm thisclose to giving up on the bidding in ebay, i'm just counting on another group buy that will land me this figure. I'm really hoping i'll be able to get it. The owner even said that it's not just in good condition but the card is in "PRISTINE" condition, i don't know what that means but it sounds great. I'm really banking on getting the one from the gb since some sell this figure at P1500, which is a lot for me. As for the second one, i'm getting quite a few offers but they're all MOC. Which makes it a bit expensive, i'm just waiting for someone to offer a loose one..or LOC, i prefer it like that..haha. I'm really not that interested in the Tiger Stripe since i already have two of those and the shoulder pads are in the wrong place. For the Face-off, i'm still thinking whether or not to get a MOC one with Sabretooth or just a loose Wolverine. The loose Wolverine is definately cheaper but it being sold at half the price of the package even without the diorama makes me think twice about getting it. oh, and in this figure..i really don't mind whether i get the variant or the regular..not much difference. There's really no rush for me to get this since i'm seeing quite a lot of these being sold online. Finally, the Ninja Strike Wolverine. I've been looking for this ever since i laid my eyes on a picture of it. Man, what i'd give to get that figure with complete accessories. And the head of this figure is the head of my custom X-force Wolverine. Currently, my only possible source of this figure is a guy on ebay who asked me to trade my vintage Undertaker for this one, but he has yet to finalize the deal. I'm game for it. There you go. I guess this is the first time i've ever listed down this thing. Even though i'm prioritizing the four, i'm still open to buying the variants of the MLs i already have. That means i might still buy the Tiger Stripe from Red Hulk and the Outback Logan variant of the rider series, BUT i will not waste my money on another face-off. I'll just get one and move on. I'm also open to buying the movie figures. I think it'll be easier since i won't try to complete them and they're relatively cheaper than the ML ones. Oh, and i might just try to take back the movie Wolverine i gave my cousin years ago if it's still in good condition. hahaha. After this line, i'll probably move on to the MU line. BUT i will not try to complete it, i'll only get a couple of Wolverines from the XMO line and probably the Wolverines from the MU line itself, the strike team is scheduled to be released. Other than that, the new X-Force members and those figures that are sold below retail price that will actually contribute to the diorama.

*Wolverine figures from other lines:
> Mug holder tigerstripe Wolverine
> 12" Rotocast Masked Wolverine
> SHS Logan
> MU X-Force Wolverine
> Wolverine on a plane (?)by Toybiz/Fastfood toy

> I'm on the planning stages of adding metal claws to my Wolverine, all i need is chrome/metal acrylic paint and something to mount on top of his hands.

pics came from:
**i'll cite starting now so i won't get in trouble.

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