Saturday, September 26, 2009


okay, i've started collecting acton figures around 2 months ago and let me just tell burns a hole in your pocket! seriously, it's a good thing that i'm not a completist cause if i was, i'd probably have sold a kidney by now..the bad thing is i collect wolverines and there's a whole hell of a lot of them! so right now i'm focusing on the 6 inch wolverines..that means the Marvel Legends and the XMC lines are the ones I'm collecting right now. I think it gives the most bang for my buck since i get the figures at around P150-P800 each, the cheapest i was able to buy was a loose Wolverine whose leather jacket was pretty much chapping already, got that one for P150. It's the one from the XMC line, the Wolverine with Sentinel Attack Action, it didn't come with the sentinel though. By far the most expensive i bought was the ML series 3 Wolverine, it was still MOC but the card was pretty much banged was okay since i prefer to free my figures anyway. I got that one for P800, it did come with a freebie though..something that might have been a part of a happy meal a long time ago. haha. But by far my pride and joy would have to be my custom X-force Wolverine. Yeah, i painted it myself! haha. It has the head of the Ninja Strike Wolverine and Black Panther's body. I got it that way since it was just a Factory Overrun, the kind of toys that are sold on the streets. I asked my sister to buy me one, still haven't paid her and i keep insisting that it was a treat. I haven't found the time to put claws on him yet, don't have the time and the equipment to do so..that's why as of now, he just finished kicking ass and his claws are inside again. It is a bit out of scale though..but i don't really care..i told you i love wolverine and i love the new X-Force the way, the belt is supposed to be Riptide's, it came with the figure too. I might post the process of how i made it here sometime. Anyway, as of right now i'll be getting the regular AOA Wolverine, Strike Team Wolverine, Unmasked Astonishing Wolverine, Stealth Wolverine, and a movie version Wolverine next weekend. I also have a pending trade going on, my Undertaker (from way back when i was a kid) for the Ninja Strike Wolverine which i think is really awesome. After that, i guess i'm just going after the Black Wolverine (wrongly dubbed X-Force), The Face-off with Sabretooth and the 25th Anniversary Wolverine (the all silver one). I already have my eyes on 2 possible sources of the 25th anniversary Wolverine, i'll get whatever is cheaper but the card condition would also factor in since it's the only 6 incher that i'm going to keep closed. The 25th Anniversary Wolverine is supposed to be limited to 25,000 worldwide but i think there's a whole lot more than just that. As for the Black Wolverine, i keep seeing them on sale MOC for P800-P1200. I'll just have to wait for someone to sell a loose version. I saw one for P650 in Greenhills but i didn't have money and it was a bit too high for me. for the face-off, it's not that hard to find, i saw the Wolverine loose going for P350 while the MOC ones for P700-P800..not bad for two figures..but i do think this line has the STUPIDEST variant. it would have been better if the variant was a different costume or maybe 1st appearance Wolverine going against Hulk instead of an open mouth version! At least the Strike Team Wolverine only included the open mouth as another head..not as an entirely different set! If i get either the variant or the regular, i won't bother with the other one. But i do have to admit the the open mouth is better for fight poses. Another line i want to collect is the Marvel Select line..but if i do that, i might just as well kill myself..those things are sold for more or less P1200! They're 7 inches of pure expensiveness..there have already been 5 (Ultimate, Origins, Days of future past, Movie, Tiger Stripe, First Appearance variant) versions released and there are two more on the way (Brown, Unmasked brown variant). And the last two are Bigbadtoystore exclusives which means they'll probably be worth around P2000 if it reaches our shores. I only have the Ultimate version, can't find the D.O.F.P. and the Origins anywhere, the Movie version is still in different comic shops and so is the two yellows. Other than the Wolverines, i want to get the Emma Frost and the Sabretooth of the Select line! That's a lot of money! So maybe i'll just get the Wolverines, huh? instead of adding more than 2k to get two other characters i'm not really into? We'll see..damn, to get or not to get? haha. Plus, i don't know about this line since i don't really have any plans of opening them..i'll keep them MOC. So i don't know, i'r real 50-50 about this line. And my last problem? I want to create a diorama! and i'm thinking of using the 3.75" line to do it. But see, those little things are worth P550! I only have one as of right now and it's the MU Wolverine, i'm kind of disappointed in it though. It would've been great if it wen for 350 a piece like the G.I. Joes. But when i check online, some guys are letting it go for 350-500 for some guy's even selling it 6 for 2k for loose ones (which is again fine by me since i open them up anyway) i already told him i'm interested in Deadpool, Gambit, 2 Hand ninjas, and two wolverines..that will be a problem since i don't want to buy just about anything..don't have the money to do i told myself that the only other none Wolverine characters i'll get are the new X-Force (Warpath, Domino, X-23, etc.) both in the ML and MU. And honestly, wouldn't it look cooler if they were beating up some baddies? So there, i have no idea what to do..I'm pretty much set when it comes to the 6" line, but i have no idea about the 3.75", and the 7"..and see, i know my limits..i'm not talking about those Icons that go up to P1600 a piece..haha. So guys, just wish me luck..oh, and if you read this and you're not from Philippines..US$1 is roughly around P50..Oh, and i just want to say thank you to PTK since i get most my figures from other members, most of them are real nice people!:D

and another addition to my possible next post:
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